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Next Year. That’s my mantra for the next 12 months. I will be at SDCC next year come hell or high water! This year was a great year for figures however, I can only hope next year can match it. Here are my personal top three figure reveals from the 2017 SDCC, starting backward from 3rd place.


#3. Mezco Toyz Hulk 

There are so many amazing figures coming out of Thor: Ragnarok! I mean how can you go wrong combining MCU characters and gladiator garb? Really looking forward to this movie and while I’m not a huge Marvel collector (well, let me say I’m trying…desperately…not to be a Marvel collector, but slowly failing) I think I will have to jump on these versions.

Mezco does some fantastic work with 1/12th scale and I think with these, they’ve taken a further step up in likeness quality. The standout, of course, is Hulk. No build-a-fig for me, just give me this guy!


Photo credit: Blitzway

#2. Blitzway Hannibal Lecter

My god…they have shrunk Anthony Hopkins and are going to box and sell him to me!
Blitzway has been killing it with likenesses and the detail and paint app on this sculpt are simply phenomenal. I’m not sure if there is padding below the clothing or the body is sculpted to Sir Anthony’s proportions (guessing the later) but this is just a fantastic thing to behold. The skin is even aged to match – folds on the back of the elbows and all! I’m told by Blitzway that the arms are swappable and non-articulated – which is a bit of a bummer – but we’ll see how this works out, might be great for shelf-posing, not so much for photography or those who are not into “museum posing”. Also after much debate and misinformation, it looks like it will be two figures with two looks; cell garb with chair and all sorts of accessories and straitjacket/mask with gurney. We’ll see how well these arms work, but the incredible level of realism cannot be denied here.

#1. Tie: Hot Toys Yondu and Grand Moff Tarkin

For the full package of sculpt likeness and clothing quality, I’d have to give a very slight edge to Yondu. Although I grew up reading GOTG with the classic Yondu, which is almost nothing like this version, I’ve come to love Michael Rookers take on the character, especially in the last film. Beyond the impeccable sculpt, the clothing looks beautifully detailed. I have resisted the HT GOTG figs thus far, I really think that will be coming to an end next year.

Equally as stunning – sculpt-wise – and even more hotly anticipated (among the Star Wars set at least), is that Grandest of Moffs; Tarkin! This is a figure I’ve been waiting forever for and it does not disappoint despite it’s lateness to the game (that game being Take All My Money!™). The likeness is just off-the-hook good. The body shape/size is perfect and clothing looks very well-tailored (outer sleeves may need to be a bit longer). The one gripe, which I would expect to be fixed by release, would be the slightly oversized hands which I’ll attribute to a rush to get ready for the con. Looks like it’s coming with his conference room chair, which is a sweet addition. Psyched for this one.



Trevor is a New York based Creative Director and owner of The Brand Counselors. He has a growing collection of 75+ 1:6th scale stock and custom figures (and more and more Lego sets). Toy photography melds his childhood dreams of comic book illustration and film directing with his design talents and – in his mind – justifies the ridiculous money he spends on these things. When he’s not shooting, he enjoys kayaking, catching up on good TV and building seemingly endless custom figures.


Last modified: December 30, 2017

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