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HOLY S!%T, SDCC this year was simply amazing. While I wasn’t there personally, I kept seeing reveal after reveal coming out all over the place. I could hardly take my eyes off of my social media feeds, and of course, right here at Exclu Collective for all the news coming out of San Diego this year.

Trying to pick just three as my favorites was harder than I thought it would be, but alas, here are my top personal favorites from this years SDCC.

Black Series Luke and Speeder


While I’m not necessarily excited about the Luke figure itself, the Land Speeder has me drooling all over myself. I find it extremely hard to find vehicles in the six inch scale, and with Hasbro handing us this iconic vehicle on a silver platter, it would be a tragedy to not grab this as soon as it becomes available.

Bandai Tamashii Nations Jango, and Maul Samurai

Image from Toy Ark

I’m a huge fan of this samurai line from Bandai, and was so excited when I saw these images from SDCC, I nearly passed out. The quality I have come to expect from Bandai is what draws me to these, and the different variations from figures we know and love is awesome. I’m not sure when these will officially be released, but you can guarantee I will be anxiously awaiting to spend my money!

Mezco One:12 Hulk



While marvel legends will be coming out with their Thor wave which features a Hulk BAF, I’m not too excited about the figures in the line I would have to buy to complete the Hulk. This Mezco release has all the right pieces to make the Legends line obsolete to me. The figure itself looks amazing, and I don’t have to buy a couple of figures I don’t really want in order to get the Hulk.

There were a lot of amazing figures revealed this year at SDCC, and I think I may have to get a second job to order everything I want. I’m not a huge 1/6 scale fan, but almost every image I saw of that scale were incredible, and might have me re-thinking buying a couple from this scale.


Stan is a graphic designer from Orlando, Florida, and has been an avid lover of toys for his entire life. He love’s doing anything that exercises the creative side of his brain and toy photography has been a tremendous outlet for that. When he is not taking photos of toys (which makes his wife shake her head and roll her eyes when he packs toys on all his vacations), he can be find photographing his daughter doing dance, woodworking or flying his drone for cool aerial photography.


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