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Earlier today Funko unveiled a new Star Wars Funko Pop Deluxe figure in the form of a TIE Pilot in a TIE Fighter. The Pop Deluxe line is a bit different than the larger Pops and standard Pops in that these collectibles feature a character and some sort of vehicle/beast. The two are fused as one in a permanent pose, so they’re different than the old Pop Rides line.

The latest Star Wars Funko Pop Deluxe is very similar to the recent Target exclusive Darth Vader in TIE Advanced Pops, so if you buy two of these new TIE Pilot ones, you can recreate the trench run scene from A New Hope Funko Pop style!

You can pre-order this Pop today from Entertainment Earth and other toy retailers. He should ship by the end of August.

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(Original imagery and information from Funko)

Last modified: July 24, 2017

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