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The next artist to tackle an exclusive themed shoot is Alvaro (@freak0ker) who takes on the “The Abyss” as his given challenge. Alvara’s shoot was instantly refreshing to see as he utilises Lego Star Wars characters to explore and present his outcomes.


The first time I read the theme I was assigned  I thought “The Abyss, how am I supposed to achieve that?” and I had to put all my mind working on it. I decided I wanted to recreate an Abyss from the sea but technically with my Sony a5100 and my SuperTakumar 55mm 1.8 legacy lens it was not possible to take photos into the water so I had to figure it out.

My Interpretation of The Abyss.

After a lot of ideas coming to my mind, finally I decided to go through the creation of a set of 5 images to tell a story. A story about an expedition into the Abyss to find their secrets. So, I opened my Lego box and started to get all the sea themed objects. As a Star Wars fan I decided to use my own pirate’s crew for the expedition with some of the bad guys from Jabba and also some bounty hunters. So here you can find the sequence of photos about a story of a Star Wars crew doing a trip directly into the Abyss:
Imagen 7Imagen 10Imagen 13Imagen 18Imagen 19

The Photographic Process
I took all the photos with my Sony a5100 and SuperTakumar 55mm 1.8 manual lens to achieve good detail and high quality image. For the first three photos I had to apply some blue environmental colour with Photoshop to provide the effect of being underwater (and also some breathing bubbles). But for the fourth photo I had to edit all the figures separately and then compose them all with the octopus with Photoshop. Finally, for the last photo I put all the mini-figures over a brown sugar layer to recreate the sand effect, and adding the blur shore from the background with Photoshop. I think the final result has been quite acceptable but I have to improve my Photoshop skills.

Imagen 14

The Figures

Three weeks ago I purchased the Lego set: 75167 and I fell in love with it. For $18 you get 4 named mini-figures: IG-88, 4Loom, Dengar and Bossk. Also you get a Speeder bike. So I decided to use Bossk and Dengar for the theme. They have awesome details and are very charismatic. The other member of the crew was Kithaba, from Lego set 9496 Desert Skiff from 2012. It was purchased from Bricklink for a couple of bucks only because it was not carrying the cap. Finally, as the lead of the crew, I chose Bib Fortuna from Lego set 9516 Jabba’s Palace. I love this character and the version of 2012 is really good. His headgear is only appreciated in the last photo as in the other photos he is wearing the scuba helmet.

I enjoyed creating this story from a themed word, but I have to say that it has not been easy to get the final result, which I think is acceptable and original. I hope you enjoyed also with the adventures of Bib Fortuna and his crew.

Another themed shoot has been tackled using a huge amount of creativity and also in this case with one of our favourite recent Lego sets. A huge thank you to Alvaro for working on this exclusive shoot so be sure to head over to his Instagram @freak0ker to more and for all things Toy Photography stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: July 21, 2017

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