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We begin a new weekly feature here at Exclu by taking a look at the figures in our collection and trying (really trying) to single out our favourite alongside an original shoot and we begin with the Editors choice.

SHFiguarts Shoretrooper

So after a lot of back and forth I settled on the SHFiguarts Shoretrooper which is a very recent additional to my collection and the reason Ive chosen this as my top figure in my collection (trust me , my Ronin Boba Fett is a very close second) is that it was a real eye opener for me as a collection of 6″ Star Wars figures. Over here in the western hemisphere we’re used to seeing Black Series and Elite Series in our retail outlets but anything from Bandai, especially here in the UK, is something of a rarity which immediately adds some extra hype.


The first SHFiguarts Id seen in the flesh was this very same trooper and Jango Fett, both of which I scooped up for prices many times that of their Black Series counterparts. The figure was so eye opening down to the fact that it blew open the 6″ field which is so heavily dominated by Hasbro and the reason for this I believe is simply the cost of the figures at retail. Black Series here in the UK launches at around £24.99 (around $32) and the SHFiguarts I scooped cost me £60 (around $77.80) so straight away the price gap is obvious.


I do believe that with the increased retail prices comes a lot of benefits with articulation being the foremost of those. The range of poses and fluid movement in comparison to the BS Shoretrooper is is incredible and really adds a lot of depth and character to the figure allowing it to take up a larger presence within your collection. My BS troopers work well as a collection but I dont feel a particular fondness for any single one by itself.


Its this presence it has within the collection as something special and rarer then most of the figures that I have which are more regularly available at retail and its the reason why it is my favourite figure out of my collection. Now Im no toy photographer myself but I did manage to try my hand at a quick outdoors shoot with this figure and again it just excelled in selling its characters.


Over the next few weeks the rest of the Exclu team will be sharing their own favourite figures with full shoots but we also want to see your top picks. To share your favourite figure with us simply use the hashtag #exclufridayfavourite and we’ll share out your shots!


Last modified: July 21, 2017

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