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You dirty, no-good, yellow-bellied, two-timing, snake-in-the-grass SOB…We love you! Lando, Lando, Lando, how you have toyed with our emotions, and made us hate you, but love you at the same time. The back-stabber that turned into one of the good guys is like a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde type character. You want to hate him, but you end up loving him like he is your own son. That is exactly how I feel about this Black Series 6″ figure from Hasbro, and it is tearing at my toy heart strings. Let’s review this figure, and you can decide for yourself if you love him, or hate him.



• 6″ Lando Calrissian figure

• Blaster rifle

• Communicator

• Cape

The Black Series line is not necessarily known for their accessories, and Lando is no exception. He really only comes with two accessories, one of which you will lose rather quickly, and the other is a blaster that he never really uses in the movie. I added the cape as it is not permanently attached to him, but rather sits on his shoulders, but since it is removable, figured it could count as an accessory.


SCULPT – 9/10

The sculpt on Lando is pretty decent, and if it were not for the nice details on the communicator attached to his wrist, or the nice detail to the cape, this score would be much lower. Since this is a character that is basically just wearing a shirt, pants, and a cape, they have added in detail where they could, and I think they have done a pretty good job. The shirt and pants have nice wrinkles sculpted in which give it a nice cloth appearance, and it’s nice to see they didn’t go overboard just because they could. The collar on the shirt is sculpted, and not just painted, as is his belt.

What really stands out, is the incredible amounts of small detail in the communicators, both the separate piece, and the one sculpted into his wrist. For such small pieces, they did an amazing job at adding in detail where it was called for, and quite honestly, where you wouldn’t really notice it missing if it were just paint apps. The belt also has some nice detailed lines in it, and the cape is sculpted nicely with folds in all the right places.

The head sculpt looks great as well, and you can clearly see a Billy D. Williams likeness. The face has some really nice lines sculpted in, and his expression, which is very mellow, is nicely done. His hair has good lines, and everything just works. Overall, I think they did a fantastic job with the sculpt, and really, the only thing I would change would be the expression. I would liked to have seen that award winning smile, or even a smirk on the face, but I can’t fault what they do have.




The paint is really where this figure falls to the dark side, but let’s go over the positives first. The colors seem to match up to what I can remember from the ESB movie where we first meet Mr. Calrissian in Cloud City. The blues look good, and the tiny bits of black on the cape, belt, and cuffs are nicely done. I think he also has a nice skin tone that is just the perfect shade of silky smooth Billy D.


Now let’s get to the bad. The entire figure is very flat, there is no dirt washing, or shading anywhere on the figure at all. It would have been nice to see some type of shading on some parts of the clothing, face, cape, hair, or anything for that matter, but alas, we are left to wonder what could have been. There are also paint splotches littered throughout my figure, and while most of them are hidden by the cape, it is still rather annoying to have them at all. I can understand not all the lines will be perfect for a Black Series, but a large splotch of gold paint on the outside shoulder of his cape, and another huge light blue paint line running across his back-side are unacceptable. There are other places the paint missed as well, including his belt and collar, but they are not too bad where you really notice it like the paint splashes in other places.


Let’s be honest here, the only real poses we ever see Lando get into in the movies are standing, and sitting. He may turn his head a little, but he’s not exactly an “action” type of character. The figure on the other hand does have the standard Black Series articulation, but for those of you that do not have any of the line (seriously, are there any of you out there?), let’s go over what he does have.

All of the articulation points on my figure were very stiff when I took him out of the box, but just like your woman after drinking a Colt 45, playing around enough will loosen it right up! The head is on a ball joint, which you would think would add some good movement, but there is very little clearance under his strong jaw line, and that hinders the articulation quite a bit. He can look up and down just a little, and not does not have much in the tilt area either. He can look side to side however, so that is a small win.

His arms can rotate all the way around, and come up to just about 90 degrees. There is a single jointed elbow (enough of the single joints already Hasbro!), but the sculpt of the upper arm allows for the arm to bend just past 90 degrees. He has swivel at the elbow, but there is no swivel in the bicep. The wrists can rotate all the way around, and have a single in-out swivel on both sides. Usually, you will see an up-down swivel on the right hand to hold a gun in better positions, but this character only has an in-out joint on the wrists.


There is a ball joint in the groin area that allow for pretty good forward, back, and split movement, and there is an upper thigh rotation point. He has double jointed knees that allow the leg to bend all the way back. He can even kick himself in the ass if he wants, but I’ll do that enough for him. There is a ball hinge in the ankle which allow for decent up and down movement, as well as good ankle pivot.

I left the worst part for last, as I think this is truly a tragedy when it comes to articulation in this character, and that is the abdomen joint. There is a single ball in the abdomen, which would be OK for a static character like this, but because there is such little clearance between the upper torso and lower torso, you can hardly get any movement at all. You can actually get better side to side movement, than you can get forward and back, and that is not saying a whole lot. With how little movement you can get out of this joint, they should have left it off and spent that money on some paint shading!

For a non-action type character, I guess you don’t need to get him into a lot of dynamic poses, but since he does look like a disco dancer without the cape on, I would like to be able to get him into more “Saturday Night Fever” type dance moves. Unfortunately, he cannot do that, so he will have to remain a back-up dancer that just fills in space.



Lando’s price point falls into line with the rest of the Black Series at $20, which I think is just fine. There is no scalping of him on Amazon yet, which leads me to believe that if you hold off a little on getting him, you will probably find him for lower in a few months time. If you have to get him to complete your collection now, you can at least know he will not break the bank to order on-line if you cannot find him in a retail store.



Overall, I think this figure falls squarely into the “meh” category. It is a decent figure, but does have some faults. Unfortunately I think this is probably going to be the best Lando figure you can find, as I don’t see any of the import companies jumping out of their seats to make this particular character. He scales in nicely with the other Black Series figures, and does fill a void in the characters for your collection, so I say if you find him, I would go ahead and pick him up. You might be disappointed in the paint and some of the articulation, but at least you can say you have that guy that used to sell all those Colt 45 drinks!





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