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Muhammad Tuafan picks up where he left of with this latest exclusive shoot entitled “The Night Of The Hunter” which brings another healthy dose of narrative imagination and crossover style photography.


Hello again I’m happy that I can make another themed shoot with “By Night”. The shoot is based on two figures : Star Wars Black Series Jango Fett and two custom Lego Hero Factory, Stormer custom and Core Hunter Custom which I customised them my own .

Picture 1

As you can see, due to the theme “By Night” I only have my “Natural Diorama” I had to take this photo during the night, some of them on the middle night and some of them are taken in the afternoon and edited so the background can be seen as a night background. The theme “The night of the hunter” is a narrative about the bounty hunter Jango Fett who is hired by Core Hunter from hero factory series : Core Hunter wants Stormer’s head so he can make a new disciple.

Picture 2

After these two agreed their deals, Jango Fett creates his strategy to hunt this stormer. This “By Night” theme was actually pretty hard for me to work on, because this is my first time taking low light shots , but thanks to the Exclu Collective providing this challenge, it has improved my skills when it comes to taking low light pictures, and I really enjoyed taking these shots. Back to the topic, after a hard fought battle with stormer, Jango Fett successfully cornered him. Stormer asked Jango who hired him, because this is the first time Stormer had met the most skill-full bounty hunter ever .

Picture 3

But, as a professional Jango didn’t tell Stormer who hired him, instead of telling stormer, he shot this hero down.

Picture 4

After he took Stormer’s head, Jango returned to the Core Hunter’s hideout, gave Stormer’s Head to Core Hunter, and took his bounty .

Picture 5Picture 6Picture 7

Without asking anything, Jango Fett left Core Hunter alone. Core Hunter was so happy with Stormer’s head ,that he started planning something, something evil. Core Hunter (or should I call it Balrog) tries to modify Stormer’s algorithm within the chip inside stormer’s head. After that Balrog will place Stormer’s modified head to the new body that Balrog already prepared .

Picture 8

With the modified Stormer’s algorithm, he placed his head on the new body that Balrog prepared. Balrog prepared his great ritual to revive this modified Stormer and if the ritual succeeded, Stormer will become a Balrog disciple. As the ritual succeeded , Stormer woke up and gets confused as to where he is, and after Balrog explained it to Stormer he agreed to become Balrog’s disciple, just as Balrog planned.

Picture 9

And then, another new stories will begin… Some of these pictures I made for the crossover theme last week but I had an idea to continue taking picture’s of these  to participate on “By Night” themed project. Thanks again to the Exclu Collective for providing this theme, which has allowed me to  improve my skills too.

A huge thank you to Muhammad for sharing his contagious imagination with us and applying it to his exclusive themed shoot on multiple occasions. Be sure to catch more of his work over on Instagram via @mtaufanyp and for more exclusive shoots stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: July 13, 2017

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