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Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since my last blog post. This next series is about a figure line that I have become addicted to. ITs the Mezco One:12 Collective line of figures. These are 1/12 scale figures thats are highly detailed, articulated, and just awesome. They are unique because they incorporate highly detailed soft-goods. They produce figures across multiple licenses, with a heavy focus on comic book characters. They have both Marvel and DC options.

Mezco Group shot

I currently have six Mezco one:12 Figures. Joker, Dark Knight Returns Batman (Mezco exclusive blue version), Green Arrow, BvS Batman, Punisher, and the red Daredevil. Each figure comes with multiple hands, guns, accessories, and most come with multiple heads. Some come with more than others.

The Punisher comes with 3 heads, multiple guns, hands, but he also comes with grenades for his grenade launcher, clips for all of his guns and more… there is an exclusive Punisher version that comes with even more guns and accessories. Of the figures I own, the Joker comes with the smallest number of accessories, he comes with an extra head, and hands, but only has a pistol and a clanking-teeth toy. One of his hands has a joker card attached.

Mezco Class Reunion - widescreen

These figures are sturdy, articulated, and just awesome. They look great in person, and I highly recommend them to anyone! Currently they have many figures on pre-order. But, these figures tend to sell out quickly (even PO) and their price only increases on the second-hand market.

I decided to do a different photo shoot, showcasing my Mezco collection. I got a 1/12 scale doll-house couch set, and did a photo shoot set up as like a family photo shoot. It was fun to try something different and out of the ordinary. I’m so used to shooting outdoors, it is fun to do a simpler indoor set up.

Mezco Fam Reunion1

Last modified: July 13, 2017

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