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Hey ‘member that time that S.H. Figuarts totally crushed it with that 1:12 figure while The Black Series released something that looked more like Andy Samberg than it did my all time favorite Star Wars character, Han Solo? First off, just look at it, do I REALLY need to write this article? No, probably not, but The Golden Girls isn’t on Lifetime for another two hours and I’ve already seen this episode of Murder She Wrote like twelve times, so it looks like you’re stuck with me for a little longer.


The first thing that’s ever brought up in the history of the Black Series vs SHF gang wars is the price… So as not to conform, I’m going to hold off on that until the end, who knows, maybe it will help strengthen my argument.

Let’s talk head sculpts, they’re usually the first thing your eye is drawn to when you look at a figure, so naturally you want the best sculpt available. I mean, you wouldn’t settle for Rosie O’Donnell if you could have Jessica Alba, right? p.s. if you’re reading this Jessica, call me, we can go out for some coffee and then get married. We’ll make a day out of it… Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, head sculpts! SHF definitely hit the mark on this one while The Black Series looks nothing like Harrison Ford or even a close relative.

Perhaps Hasbro knew this and that’s why they added an extra set of hands and a stormtrooper blaster rifle in the box, which is more than could be said about other Black Series figures, unfortunately nothing is going to make up for that god awful face they gave him. SHF however comes with one set of gloved hands, two and a half sets of ungloved hands, two holsters and his blaster… so you’re still not winning that one Hasbro.


While we’re on the subject of Han’s blaster, SHF did a great job of recreating his pistol from A New Hope while The Black Series elected to go with a silver barrel… If you’re not a complete nerd like myself then you’re probably confused… Well I’m kind of confused too because Han had a silver barrel on his blaster in both Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi but other modifications were also done to the design of the gun. If you examine the blaster that comes with The Black Series figure, it’s clearly based off the version from A New Hope, which had a black barrel, meaning someone screwed up… Man, I just nerded out pretty hard there didn’t I?

DSC_6157 copy
Some people could argue that articulation is the most important aspect of an action figure, and those people would also agree that S.H. Figuarts just took a huge steamy dump on its competition. The joints themselves are of much better quality and make it a lot easier to land a natural pose while The Black Series screams toy no matter how well you pose it. I’ve heard some reports of loose joints on the SHF figure but I must not have gotten that version. There are ways to tighten them up a little but that’s a job for youtube, not this article.

DSC_6151 copy

Alright, that price thing everyone keeps talking about, some of you are probably saying something like “But Dale, I could buy three Black Series for the price of one S.H. Figuarts and I also have this weird rash on my junk, how can I clear that up?” Well you’re on your own with that rash business but I like to think about it like you’re multiplying something by zero, you can have as many as you want but they still suck. Do yourself a favour, spend the extra money and get a figure you’ll be happy with.


Last modified: July 12, 2017

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  1. I don’t think that lousy sculpt would stand out as much if they didn’t mount it on a giraffe neck!

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