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Guest reviewer Jared Beerman returns to bring us a closer look and breakdown of the Walmart Exclusive Black Panther Marvel Legends figure with a full shoot and on what may one of the most accomplished and complete Legends on the market.


This figure is FANTASTIC!  Enough said, end of review.  I highly recommend you go purchase this figure right now.  No seriously, I’ll wait…..go on.  If you aren’t sold yet, let me provide you with the reasons why you should definitely add this figure to your collection.

SCULPT – 9/10

This figure is 6 and 1/4 inches tall and does not take days off from the gym.  This figure comes with a very fancy cape and necklace.  These accessories are easily used by popping the figures head on and off.  He comes with two sets of hands, one with the claws out for fighting and the other is more relaxed, perfect for holding the spear.  Did I mention this figure comes with a spear?

When I saw it online I thought it was cheesy looking but there is actually a lot of detail.  The only negative about it is the spear head.  I would have liked this to look/be a bit sharper but Hasbro and Walmart don’t want to be sued so I will let it slide…this time.


The figure is 3 colours, black, grey, and two white spots for eyes.  Not much to mess up on the figure, but the paint is applied well.  What really gives this field high marks is the wood grain paint on the spear.  It legit looks like real wood and is amazing for toy photography.


This is a Walmart exclusive toy and I was able to get it through the Walmart website when it originally came out for $19.98 with free shipping to store.  I think that is one hell of a deal!  If you see this toy for that price anywhere, immediately buy it!



No story this time, all the joints functioned perfectly right out of the box.  The arm joints could be a bit stiffer to offer better support when holding the spear up high, but that is a minor issue.  I wish the legs on this character could get really low into a cat like stance.  I am able to get the figure close, but it would have been great to have the figure in a low “cat waiting to pounce” stance.



Black Panther comes in the very traditional Marvel Legend’s series box and that is not a bad thing.  You see what you are getting and it holds the figure in place so it is not damages during shipping which is all I can really ask for!  The lettering on the front matches the font of the 2018 movie title, which is a nice touch.


A huge thank you to Jared for taking the time to review the Black Panther Marvel Legends figure for the Exclu platform and to see more of Jared’s work be sure to check out his Instagram page @beermanphotography and for more original shoots be sure to stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: July 11, 2017

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  1. Chad Kinsler says:

    Awesome review and photography! The figure is amazing and going to get one to display and keep in the box

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