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Love him or hate him, Threepio is a main stay of the Star Wars universe. His cynical, downbeat, doom-mongering has been a constant reminder that, yeah – maybe we shouldn’t try and navigate that asteroid field (3720 to 1), or ok – perhaps we shouldn’t go that way as those caves might be full of glowy eyed space scrap metal dealers. C-3PO (Human/Cyborg relations) along with his counter part R2-D2 are cast as the narrators in the Orig-Trig, being the only constants in an unfamiliar universe. Our only guides through the trails and tribulations of the Skywalker’s, Solo’s, and Kenobi’s (you have your theories about Rey, I have mine) are these two wholly alien design creations from the mind of the late great Ralph Mcquarrie. I’d argue that’s why these two have become so iconic and beloved amongst fans. But as much as I could muse on that galaxy far, far away for a long time we’re here to talk toys! So, does Revoltech’s version of the Professor here fit the bill? Does their mould of old Goldenrod leave us wanting? Lets get down to it and review the 1/12th scale Revoltech C-3PO


Whats in the box?

  • The 1/12th scale figure
  • Four hands (open palms and griped)
  • 1/12th scale Mouse Droid
  • Clear stand

Sculpt 7/10

When you open this figure (or indeed look at I’m staring out through the plastic with those cold dead eyes) you’ll notice there is something not quite right about the shape and design of his head. It took me a minute to define it, but I think his head is a bit too thin. Not just just though, his eyes are a little over sized and his mouth a little too open. Also he has a bit of a long neck which gives him the pomposity of a 17th Century Dandy. Which as this is C-3PO we’re talking about, kinda works! He has a stylised look about him which although isn’t 100% screen accurate isn’t without its merits and the whole design comes together quite well.


The rest of the figure is very well sculpted, with all his seems and pistons defined nicely creating a really great aesthetic for a figure of this scale. His legs are particularly well formed and come on, we all like our droids with a nice set of pins – am I right?!


Paint Application 7/10

I would love to have given this figure a better score. The wash on his joints and seams is great and really hammers home the weathered, lived in universe feel we all know and love about Star Wars. The other aspects of the paint job are just well, a little disappointing. Firstly and most glaring of all – HE ISNT SHINY ENOUGH! Threepio in all his glory should be as he first appeared to us in ANH; Golden to the point where I should have trouble photographing him due to my reflection showing and have a hissy fit when I just can’t get the damn shot I want! Here, as with many other versions he is a dull gold not unlike his Black Series counterpart. He does shoot well though, with the gold paint coming out better on camera than in real life if lit well.

The wires and do-dads in his mid section could have been painted to stand out more against the black with more colour, but sadly not. This is a pretty minor gripe though from my perspective as most of my photography work tends to be closeups with this little golden hussy’s midriff area rarely on show. As it should be.

Articulation 10/10

This is where this figure shines (pun defiantly intended). We all know that in the movies Threepio waddles around deserts, starship corridors and teddy bear infested woodland like a cross between a robotic penguin and Long John Silver (…right leg) but he does have knees and elbows, and unlike certain other version this figure does too. His elbows are especially neat, with little pistons which sink into his lower arm when bent.


He boast fourteen points of articulation which is low when compared to your Hot Toys, but is nothing to be sniffed at for a 6″ figure of a character whose main role in the movies is to be left behind due to his in-articulation waving his arms around like an elderly lady who has missed the bus.

To date, I haven’t come across a pose I wanted to photograph this figure in that I wasn’t able to achieve. For example here he is ready to be painted like one of Jack’s French Girls. Not bad for an Elderly Robotic Penguin Pirate, eh?


Another cool little feature is that he more or less completely dismantles apart from his torso, so even more fun can be had with those poses and recreations of classic scenes.


“Artoo! Come back at once, you haven’t finished with me yet!”

Of course the big thing with figures now seams to be manufacturers including extra hands to create more dynamic poses and Revoltech is no exception. I must say though thats a bit of an odd choice (all be it a welcome one) with Threepio. He doesn’t use  a weapon and he doesn’t come with any accessories to hold, which I understand as he doesn’t tend to hold much in the movies bar that little communicator on the Death Star (and his own leg that time – see above), so why does he have the griped palms? (seriously, hit me up if you can think of anything else he could have come with as I’m drawing a blank here!)

But in the name of fairness and to show these hands in action and give you, the reader, a well realised review here he is with a bloody shoot’a!


…and here he is completing his Jedi training by using the Fork (…sorry)


Another cool little addition which is welcome, but I can’t help feel they included it just to bulk up the packaging a bit is a little mouse droid. He’s pretty cool and to be honest I’ve used him more in shots with other characters since he never actually appears on screen with Threepio – like I said, included to fill the box up a bit, weird. Cool, but weird. He’s nicely finished in black, and although his wheels don’t go round he’s got some good detail and is a well designed little piece.


Price Point 7/10

He goes for around the $55 or £42 mark, which from my certain point of view isn’t bad baring in mind that over here in Blighty, Black Series 6″ figures retail at £23.99 with some of the rarer figures (your Chiruts and the like) going for more like £30, the additional cost isn’t too much of a stretch. And although I really like this figure, Im afraid for that money I would have quite liked to have seen a better finish on the paint and to be honest would have rather paid an extra tenner or so and had a double pack with Artoo instead of Mickey the Mouse droid here.

Overall Design 8/10

This is definitely the droid you’re looking for! Ive done some knocking of C-3PO throughout this review, but please take it with a  pinch of salt. The kind of jibes you might take against an old friend, colleague or dog, that although you though was a good idea at the time is now holding you back in life. Threepio will always remain one of my favourite characters of all time and this is a great figure! Here he is represented in wonderful detail and although not exactly screen accurate, the design choices are somehow justified by the whole look of the figure. His articulation more than makes up for the problems in the paint department and he’s a joy to photograph.











Last modified: July 10, 2017

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