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Last months Word Of The Month winner Jamie Curran has been working on an exclusive shoot that today bears fruit with an extensive look at this theme word “Forgotten” and he is using the Star Wars universe as the basis for this analysis.


When I was asked to create a themed shoot around the word “Forgotten” I thought to myself, there are different ways to interpret this word. Forgotten about? Forgotten to do? Leaving something/someone behind? To me the best representation of the word is “Forgotten about.” This is why I started my shoot off by looking for my “Forgotten” toys and wow did I find some! I thought I would try to bring together a few different scenes with the figures that I had, old and new.

The first one I found was my Optimus Prime figure from the 2007 movie. I found it a little dusty on top of a shelf and transformed it to see it if was still working fine and it was! So I came up with the idea of taking a dark shot covered in some rubble to make it look as-if he is hiding away and forgotten about, similar to how he hid away in Transformers: Age of Extinction. I sprinkled some rocks and sand over the top of him to create a more forgotten effect. At the moment there is some building work being done to my house so there is a huge amount of rubble everywhere which is perfect for me to take some great shots.



Another item I came across was Anakin’s Jedi Star-fighter from Episode III. I hadn’t seen this for a very long time and I wanted to use it straight away. I decided to bury it among the rubble to look as if it had crashed. As I was taking shots of it I realised I should try to create a small scene using it, so I stuck a shore trooper in the shot making it look as if he came across the wreckage and wanted to report it to Lord Vader.

I picked three shots for this small scene which was the shore trooper finding the wreckage and the others were Darth Vader inspecting it. The caption for me would be ‘forget the past’. The shot represents Lord Vader soon after Episode III forcing himself to forget who he was, but he still remembers some of it and is struggling with it.


Another item that I found along with the Star-fighter was General Grievous and his wheel vehicle from Episode III. I thought to have the vehicle looking as if he is driving it so just before I took the shot I spun the wheel as fast as I could to make it look as if it was moving. It turned out ok!


One of my favourite figures that I have is K2-S0 from Rogue One. I think that his level of detail is fantastic and he is great to pose too. Instead of looking for some more old toys, I decided to create a scene showing him lying, rotting away in a forest. You do not have to interpret it as K2-S0, you can see it as another imperial droid, but I thought it shows this robot having been decommissioned, left to rot and forgotten about somewhere in time.


I hope that you enjoy looking at them! Thank you very much Exclu for letting me take part in the Theme Challenge, I had a lot of fun interpreting the word! I hope to do more in the future!


The figures I used: Black Series: Darth Vader, K2-S0 and Shore trooper Commander. Star Wars Vehicle sets from Hasbro, Anakin’s Jedi Star-fighter and General Grievous’ Wheel. Optimus Prime Leader Edition from the 2007 movie.

One massive thank you goes out to Jamie for taking the time and initiative to work through this exclusive shoot so be sure to check out more of his work over on Instagram and for more of the latest shoots stayed tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: July 9, 2017

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