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Back in January I turned the ripe old age of 33 and stood back to take stock. Was it time to really grow up? Hang up my prized collection of Star War T-Shirts in exchange for a series of less awesome but undeniably comfy cardigans and sensible day wear? Dare I say, was it time to stop collecting and photographing TOYS?! Was it truly time to post my prized collection on Ebay and use the funds to buy a pipe and some checked slippers?! ….But then my wife bought me a subscription to My Geek Box. Nuff said.

I’ve been receiving My Geek Box for six months now and although not everything I’ve received has been ‘for me’, what has been included has been a wide range of various geek targeted items. I honestly don’t think that anyone in the community/fraternity/sorority of Geekdom can truly be into every new series, movie, game, comic, and toy out there and so any subscription box is always going to be hit and miss – there are always going to be ‘meh’ items, but one man’s ‘meh’ is another man’s ‘a-meh-zing!’ So lets dig into June’s Box


Price Point – 9/10

Depending on how you go into your subscription the price of the box varies. As I mentioned before my subscription was originally bought as a gift so my wife plumped for the three month option priced at £17.49. I have since carried on my subscription and and am still paying the same amount. If however you go in for the twelve month package your box will be a pound cheaper at £16.49. Honestly – and this is no reflection on this or any other subscription box – but for a quid, its worth that get out of jail free card should you not be so flush in the future. My Geek Box says its box will contain between four and seven items with a value of £40+RRP, so you’re going to double your money every time. In the past boxes have contained Funko Pop Vinyl figures, action figures, and graphic novels – all worth a good £10-£15 each on their own!

Content 8/10

So, you wanna know whats in the box?! “WHATS IN THE BOX?!” I hear you yell in the style of one Mr Bradley Pitt. Ok, so each box contains a exclusive T-shirt and art card. Lets start with the shirt. Each months Shirt is themed around a new release or topical event in pop culture. This month we have a Mummy themed shirt with would make even Tom Cruise cower behind the settee like me watching Dr Who (…as a child I should add.) Im not a Horror guy, but this is a great shirt! Maybe not one to wear around my one year old, but awesome non the less. PRICE – £8 – £10


This month’s art card features one of those guys I mentioned who made me jump behind the settee (AS A CHILD!) the Cybermen, and (spoiler alert!) having seen the season finale of Doctor who over the last two weeks this makes for another very topical inclusion PRICE – to paraphrase Oscar Wilde; All art is quite useless and therefore worthless – these cards are always a pretty damn cool inclusion though.


Anyone else fancy a coffee? Maybe a tea? Whatever’s your poison, the next item is exactly what you need. Fresh from the Death Star canteen (where you WILL need a tray!) we have a lovely mug! Im a huge Star Wars fan and the inclusion of any item featuring the Holy Trilogy is going to be a hit with me. PRICE – around £7


So you’ve woken up having worn your Mummy T-Shirt all night, had a coffee to more assimilate yourself with humanity, but now its time to get that night time stank off you. Its bath time. “But I hate a bath, its the one time of day I can’t geek it up!” I hear you muttering as not to alert those around you that you’re that thing they smell. Heres your answer Bat-fans – its a Harley Quinn Rubber Ducky! This is a lovely little inclusion and i have to be honest, the first thing my five year old went for! She’s his now. Worst case scenario though; if you’ve had a bad day, run yourself a bath, light some candles and tell Dr Quinzell your worries, she has a PHD. PRICE – around £6 


The next item I’m afraid does nothing for me, its an oversized postcard/art card for Uncharted 4. I haven’t played this game. I don’t own a system that supports this game. This is the item I mentioned earlier that falls into the category of  ‘its not for me, but will be for someone’. I’m sure this will be hanging above the TV of some fans of the game and if it had been a Red Dead Redemption card Id have been singing its praises from the highest steeple in Chuparosa. However, not for me. PRICE – £5


‘Have you been saving the best for last Mark?!’ – yeah, of course I have. ‘But this is predominately a toy photography platform and I can’t shoot any of these items!’ – calm down, seriously! The final item is my favourite, not only as a  photographer but as a fan of the franchise and believer that the truth IS out there. Yes, its an X-Files Minimates set from Diamond Select! These are so cool! Four fully posable figures complete with accessories and different hands. Included are Mulder, Scully, the Cigarette Smoking Man, and the Flukeman and never having owned any Minimates before I love these things! From what I’ve seen this set was a bit of a luck of the draw with some people receiving an equally great Back to the Future set. This is often the case with MGB where although you will receive an item from a particular line, the exact figure my vary. These are awesome though. PRICE – around £12


Theme N/A

MGB doesn’t really have a theme each month which is both a good and bad point. Bad in as much as sometimes the box can feel a little thrown together, but good as with some other subscription boxes where the theme is set, I think I might be guilty of second guessing whats coming.

Overall 9/10

I really look forward to the postman bringing me my My Geek Box every month and this month didn’t disappoint. Im writing this now sipping tea (yes, I’m British) from my Star Wars mug, wearing my Mummy T-Shirt and wondering what to do with my new Minimates next. A great box with some awesome treats!

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Mark Walker is a full time professional photographer based in Nottinghamshire, UK with a studio set in the heart of the Sherwood Forest. His working week consists of Wedding and Portrait work with Toy Photography being a passion that has grown over the last few years. His work has appeared at SDCC on the Hasbro stand and on the Yahoo Movies website. When he doesn’t have a camera in his hands , they are full with being a husband and father to two boys.



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