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Now for something really special – photographer and creative Don Yan has recreated the Spider-Man Homecoming movie poster using Tamashii Nations Samurai figures and the final result is a fantastic compositional piece.


I remembered when I was young, I came across this Japanese Spider-man TV show. The series was in foreign tongue (obviously) and it even featured a giant robot in it (Leopardon to be exact), nothing like what I recalled from the CBS series in the late 70s. At a tender age then, I felt the show was like all over the place, yet I must admit it has an alluring vibe to it. Fast forward to 2017, I was getting psyched up for the upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming movie, and I can’t helped but to reminisce about that childhood hero of mine getting a funky twist to it. And that’s how it all begins for me.


With the release of Bandai Movie Realization Spider-samurai and Iron-samurai, I immediately knew they will be my casting crew of whatever whatchamacallit project I’m gonna roll out. I began googling about the new movie poster; studying carefully every single details; dissecting them layer by layer and figuring out how can i re-engineer them back together. I lay down both figurines and their accessories on the table and explore every acrobatic-able pose I can push through on them.


I did two photography session in total: one indoor one and another outdoor shoot. For the former, I’ve used the portable box studio from orangemonkie – it was functional with different background and LED lighting, yet simple to set up in less than 5 minutes. The outdoor shoot was more casual as I picked a spot at the bush near my apartment. For both setup I had to supplement the lighting with my mobile phone’s flashlight).


Upon setting up the scene and with the casting crew pose-ready, I picked up my mobile phone and started snapping pictures like a pro that has done this for the millionth time. Just like a eager child who can’t wait to get home after getting his toy from ToysRUs, I uploaded the pictures excitedly with a uncontrollable grin. Then I realised this was not a typical pop-out-of-the-box-and-play kind of toys, it was those building model kit that you need to alchemize intricate elements together to get that final product, except that this doesn’t comes with a instruction manual.


With limited know-how about photography skill and basic resources available to me, I opened the uploaded images with Microsoft Word and started editing them. Yes. You heard me. Microsoft Word. Not even Microsoft Paint. Luckily, the surgery to be performed on the images ain’t too complex, nevertheless it took me a while to get around software’s offering in image editing. Once completed, I head back to Google to find the missing ingredients needed for my final artwork; the background, the effects; then I stitched all of the polished elements into one while trying to mimic the actual poster.

The end result? Voila. My quasi-professional poster ala Samurai style.

I am happy with it. It was like fusing ramen with burger. Funky. Wild. Crazy. I like it. I love it. And I hope you do too.

p.s. – I used the Prisma mobile app on the finalized poster to add some spice to it. It turns out that I couldn’t make up my mind on which to choose, so I went ahead with a collage format.

A massive thank you goes to Don for taking the time to share his behind the scenes process with us here alongside a full look at the final outcome. For more incredible work like this be sure to follow Don over on his Instagram page @fushicho.studio@fushicho.studio and for more of the latest shoots stayed tuned to Exclu

Last modified: July 7, 2017

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