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Awe snap, turtle fight y’all! If you’ve read the review that I recently did on the S.H. Figuarts Ninja Turtles then you already know how aroused they get me, but what about the other guys? The NECA TMNT figures… Well they’re pretty awesome too. Since NECA has released a few versions of these green bastards, with another set due for release at SDCC, I’m going to narrow it down to my personal favorite, the original comic book version. The version that I’ve always considered the holy grail of 1:12 TMNT figs.

I could write a whole book comparing these two lines, and it would probably be a New York Times best seller since all eight of these figures are so badass that you can’t even look them straight in the eye without experiencing mild brain hemorrhaging… But this is an internet article so I’ll keep it somewhat brief as I know you have more important things to attend to… Like going out and buying all of these TMNT figures.


First things first, the articulation. Sorry NECA, SHF has ya beat with more range of motion in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, feet, and if they had them then probably the genitals too… Not to say these NECA figures are crap by any means, they still have awesome range, there’s just a bit more limitation than the SHF.


It would be like getting in bed with a college gymnast vs an olympic gold medalist… you’re still gonna have a great time, one’s just a little more flexible. S.H. Figuarts is certainly winning in is the options department as well, each figure comes with an alternate head sculpt, various accessories and four sets of hands, all those hands make it a lot easier when you want a shot of Raphael chugging a beer and grabbing Harley Quinn’s ass at the same time, you can do that now!


There are definitely a few qualities in both lines that are more or less personal preference. One of these being the head sculpts. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this but in the original comics, all the turtles had red bandanas. So the next time you see one of these figures on someones Instagram and feel like commenting “Sweet shot, but Leonardo has a blue bandana” kindly shut your pie hole and move along. The SHF turtles are super cartoony while the NECA turtles look like they might steal your lunch money.

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I feel like some of this has to do with that paint job, SHF’s paint application is smoother than Michael Cera’s ass while NECA looks like… I don’t know, insert any insult that T.J. Miller said in Deadpool, I believe one of them involved avocados having intercourse… Honestly I’m kind of into that so I can’t really tell you which ones I prefer.
If you’re still reading this then you probably want to know what makes the NECA turtles so damn cool. Well you don’t need to be so rude about it, I was just about to tell you…


First off, weapons, every figure needs a badass weapon, how else are they going to kill other toys during turf wars or when another toy steals their girlfriend? Needless to say NECA wins this battle, and they probably get all the toy babes too. They’ve also got really big feet, and you know what they say about toys with big feet, right?… they’re a hell of a lot easier to pose. It’s like I always say, just give em some giant feet and you’re good to go… That was a lie, I’ve never said that before in my life… Lastly, NECA has villains like Shredder and foot soldiers, which makes ninja training a lot easier. SHF, has zero villains, yeah yeah, they’re about to release a Shredder but we need more than that and we need it yesterday.


So what have we learned today, boys and girls? Always check the expiration date on candy when you get it from strangers, and always have an escape route when entering their van. But more importantly, Ninja Turtles are awesome and if you aren’t considering these as your next purchase then you’re stupid and you probably smell funny.




Based in Austin Texas, Dale enjoys long walks on the beach and catching up on reruns of The Golden Girls in his free time…He also just happens to have an insatiable sense of humour and wit that matches his passion and dedication to his Toy Photography craft.

Last modified: July 4, 2017

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