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Lizzy Repp is next up to tackle our themed challenge and so suitably we matched her up with the phrase “The Light” for her to base her shoot around and she create a really thorough body of work with a great backstory and development behind it.


Light Through a Dirty Lens

How did you come up with this?

“The Light”. I asked myself what this meant to me and how I could put my own twist on this subject through toys. Being as my social media name is “Force of Light”, I focused on some of the “light side” characters of the Star Wars universe. I went through different poses, backgrounds, and lighting but wasn’t finding the perfect picture. After some thinking, I decided to have a theme that was personal to me. So, I came up with this idea to have these characters be looking in a distorted mirror with light flooding behind them. This is a connection to my faith that the Lord’s light shines through us (the distorted mirrors) for others to see.


In addition, my motto for my Instagram page has always been “Be light in darkness”, so the theme was perfect for me. The outcome (in my opinion) was a beautiful set of photos that had a deeper meaning for me.

How did you do it?

First, you need something to use as a mirror. Luckily, I already had something, the black spray painted “Death Star” glass floor (that was already pretty scratched up). Next is the lighting. For this I used the white part of my photography light tent behind the figure to filter the light. Finally, each character needed their own unique pose. I tried to find a pose that would show their characteristics.


Rey and Luke admire their lightsabers that symbolize the responsibilities that were bestowed upon them. Obi-wan was given a sober stance that shows his sorrow and weariness. Qui-gon needed to emphasize his calm and collected attitude and his famous Jedi mind trick hand wave! Chirrut poses thoughtfully with his staff and Leia is as stubborn as ever. Finally, I added a group shot I call “Generations of Jedi”.


Rey, Star Wars the Black Series 6 inch: This is one of my favorite figures from the black series line. The detail and paint application are great. The staff and lightsaber accessories are beautiful. Plus, she comes with BB8! This figure can still be found on online stores.


Luke (Celebration Exclusive), Star Wars the Black Series 6 inch: Let me start off by saying, this is the best Luke so far. The head cast looks great along with the X-wing suit. You also get a helmet, pistol, and lightsaber with the figure. Now, this is a difficult figure to come by. This was from the original wave of figures that was brought back as a Star Wars Celebration Exclusive then briefly appeared on the Hasbro Toy Shop website (which is where I picked it up). It can be found on eBay for a bit of a high price.

Obi-wan, Star Wars the Black Series 6 inch: This figure appeared in both regular packaging and in the recent 40th Anniversary carded series. The sculpt and cloth robe are a couple of great reasons to get this figure. Plus, if you pick up Darth Vader also, you can do one of the most iconic scenes in all of Star Wars. This figure can still be found in popular online stores.

Generation Jedi

Qui-gon Jinn, Star War the Black Series 6 inch: One of my personal favorites. With this figure, Hasbro has created a separate cast for the eyes that is separate from the head cast. In my opinion, this looks very nice. No slightly off painted eyes! This one just came out in the recent wave. It can be found in stores and online.

Chirrut Imwe, Star Wars the Black Series 6 inch: This was such a great character in Rogue One and I’m so glad they made a figure for him. It’s got some great soft goods for his ornate garb from the movie. This figure can still be found in popular online stores.


Leia Organa, Star Wars the Black Series 6 inch:This is the version that came in carded 40th Anniversary packaging. The updated head sculpt is worth getting this version over the first release. The figure can be found at select online stores. It may take some digging to find her close to the original pricing.


In the end, I really enjoyed putting these pictures together. I am proud of how they turned out and hope you all enjoy them. Remember light shines through a dirty lens!

A huge thank you to Lizzy for taking the time to work on this shoot and to share her process with us too. For more of Lizzy’s work be sure to head over to her Instagram @force_of_light and for more original photoshoots stayed tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: July 2, 2017

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