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Today Sideshow, in partnership with Square Enix, released the first images and pre-order details for a new Magneto Premium Format figure, which retails for $149.99. He is designed by Hitoshi Kondo, and will stand a bit over 10-inches tall. He is set to release sometime this fall between September and November.

In addition to the Magneto figure interested collectors will also get two heads, and three pairs of hands. There will also be a stand and accessories in the form of electromagnetic bolts you can attach to his hands.

Quite frankly, this Premium Format figure is badass looking, plain and simple. I think my favorite aspect is his cape, which appears to be made out of magnetic material that he has formed into a cape thanks to his mutant ability. I think the face is very menacing as well, and will make for some great toy photography shots if that’s your thing, because you know it’s ours.

You can check out additional images in a gallery below, as well as the official blurb about Magneto from Sideshows. If you’d like you can pre-order him today, directly through Sideshow.


He has been both a member of the X-Men, as well as their antagonist. Dubbed the Master of Magnetism, Magneto has the ability to control nearly any metal.

Sideshow and Square Enix are proud to present the Marvel Universe Variant -Magneto Collectible Figure! In an effort to express his special abilities, Square Enix has crafted the figure with density and hardness in mind. His cape, inspired by the concept of a collection of small iron sand and metal pieces pulled together by magnetic forces, adopts a unique texture that differs from a traditional cloth cape. The paintwork on the figure creates a stark contrast between light and shadow to emphasize his presence.

The Magneto collectible figure projects the air of overwhelming strength befitting a mutant with powers capable of manipulating even the Earth’s magnetic fields. Featuring expressive interchangeable hands, face, and effect parts, this figure is a complete package that displays Magneto’s power.

X-Men fans, don’t miss the chance to add this figure to your collection!

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(Original imagery and information from Sideshow)

Last modified: July 2, 2017

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