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The biggest Lego set from the new Justice League line is also the one with the longest name: Flying Fox Batmobile Airlift Attack. 

If you can’t keep the name in mind I’m sure your purse will! With a price of 129.99 $, € or £ you’ll get a box with 955 pieces!


Let’s take a closer look and see what’s included:

  • 6 minifigures: Batman, Superman, WonderWoman, Cyborg and 2 Parademons (with two different designs)
  • 1 buildable big figure: Steppenwolf (first introduction as Lego figure)
  • Mother box which comes in a different design which separates from the other sets
  • the Batmobile
  • the Flying Fox

Each minifigure comes with their own weapon:

  • Batman’s Batarang and grapnel gun
  • Cyborg’s attachable stud-shooting arm
  • Wonder Woman’s sword and shield 
  • Parademons’ handheld stud shooters

The design of every superhero is new and unique in this set and we get the first Cyborg minifigure with our purchase. The two Parademons with their foil detailed wings are also available in the other two Justice League sets.


The buildable Steppenwolf has his first appearance in the world of bricks and comes with his huge axe and completely new head sculpt.

The Mother box also stands out from the other ones in different sets thanks to its dark red color.

The Batmobile comes with an opening cockpit, 3 stud shooters and adjustable front and rear wings. The design of the included vehicle is very similar to the former release of set number 76045, but it seems to be more armed now.


The Flying Fox is a flying base with very cool features:

  • cockpit for two minifigures with lift-off canopy
  • rear boosters with translucent elements
  • armed with 2 spring-loaded shooters and 2 stud shooters
  • ramp for the Batmobile which can be parked inside



  •  The Flying Fox measures over 5” (13cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and14” (37cm) wide
  •  Batmobile measures over 1” (5cm) high, 6” (17cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide.
  • Mother Box measures under 1” (1.6cm) high and 1” (1.6cm) square.

With this set we get another huge build with an outstanding design, and I’m sure that the unique minifigures will have an extra pull on collectors’ hearts (and purses).


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(Original imagery and information from toysnewsi.com and brickbrains.com)

Last modified: July 2, 2017

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  1. VaderFan2187 says:

    Love the contents, but price is a hard sell.

    1. wonderbunk says:

      It’s really one of the higher priced sets but it’s expected that’s it’s going down in the price in a few weeks.

      1. VaderFan2187 says:

        Well discounts are not often where I live and I feel other sets around the same price have far better value. 🙂

      2. wonderbunk says:

        I agree that it’s sometimes hard to understand why LEGO puts high prices on packages with lesser content. 🤔

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