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Quick! When I say superhero, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, and I bet for a lot for a lot of you as well, Superman was the first thing that you thought of. Superman is the most iconic superhero of all time, but unfortunately, trying to find a good Superman action figure can be near impossible. While the Bandai Injustice version is definitely better than most, it does have some glaring flaws. Enough of the small talk, let’s get to reviewing the Bandai Injustice Superman action figure!



• Superman figure
• Three (3) piece cape
• Three (3) heads
• Four (4) hands

Unfortunately, this Superman gets a little shortchanged when it comes to accessories. The three heads are definitely worth having, as it makes for some very unique poses, and makes it easier to show emotion in an action figure, the lack of hand options is a little disappointing. I know what you’re saying, “But Superman doesn’t use guns, or any additional props, so what other hands would you like?”. I get it, but it would be nice to have some other options so he could hold something from another figure, or some other prop, or something, but alas, he only comes with a closed fists, and open flying hands.



SCULPT – 9/10

The sculpt of this figure is outstanding! While the choices for sculpts are pretty slim for a guy in tights and underwear, what sculpting it does have is done very well. All three head sculpts look great, and truly show emotion for plastic. There are fine wrinkles throughout the skin parts, and the hair is beautifully sculpted and shows great detail. The only pat I’m not a big fan of is the weird tongue in the screaming head. It looks like he is missing his bottom teeth, and he is choking on his tongue, as that is all you can see in the bottom part of the mouth.

The iconic “S” on his chest in done perfectly as well. All the lines are sculpted just deep enough to make it stand out, but not so deep it looks like it is cutting into his chest. The whole chest icon design is kinda raised from his chest which makes it really stand out. He has sculpted muscle lines throughout that are not overdone, but just enough to show that he really is a man of steel. There are other small details sculpted in around the gauntlets and on the boots, and while subtle, really brings the entire figure together.


The paint apps for the most parts are really well done, with some parts being a more metallic color, and some being more of a flat color. There are parts that are a little confusing, and I’m not sure why it was done this way, but doesn’t pull from the overall design too much. There are two different red variations on the figure, and where it really stands out is from the shoulder pads to the cape. The pads themselves are done in the brighter metallic red, and the cape is the flatter duller red. Where they meet at the shoulders is a drastic change, and just looks really weird. The stripes on his suit are also in the duller red color, while the boots and “S” on his chest are done in the metallic red. I wish all the red color was the same throughout the figure, but we can’t have everything.



The articulation is one of the best features of this figure. There are multiple points of articulation throughout the entire figure making it easy to get some very dynamic poses. There is a ball in both the neck and head, which allows for great movement. He can look into his chest, and look up quite a bit, which is very important for a flying figure. There are butterfly joints in the shoulders that allow for a great range of motion, followed by double jointed elbows and a swivel and hinge at the wrist. The wrist joint can be changed to allow for either a swivel or hinge, depending on how you want to display the hands.

There is both a waist and abdomen articulation point, which makes for some great bends, and truly dynamic flying poses. The figure also has pull down legs, which allow for more range of motion at the upper leg, followed by double jointed knees. There is good up, down, and swivel motion at the ankle, as well as a pretty decent ankle pivot. The figure also has toe articulation.

The worst, and maybe one of the coolest points of articulation comes from the cape. It is separated into three parts that all articulated individually. This makes it so you can do some cool wind blown effects, and nice flying effects, but unfortunately the way it was designed, if you spread the cape too much, there will be gaps between the parts. A lot of people complain about the cape, and while I can see why, if you are careful, I think you can get some cool poses out of it. The biggest thing I do not like is that it is a very brittle hard plastic that feels like it could break apart at any moment. I get a little scared carrying it around in my bag because if I put the bag down wrong, or something hits it inside my bag, I feel it will break.



The average price for this figure is about $50, which I think is slightly high. I personally think the figure is worth $40 due to lack of accessories and the standard S.H. Figuarts prices which is usually lower. The figure is very well done, but I do feel it could have been priced a little lower and would have been a great value.

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Is this a perfect Superman figure? Of course not! Is it pretty good? You bet! There are a few issues with the figure, mostly with the different colors of red throughout, and the weird cape design, but overall this is a very well made figure. None of the joints were loose on mine, and the figure balances very well. You can get him in some great poses, and he will look great on the shelf, or in pictures. While we all wait for that perfect Superman figure to come along, we can at least have this one which will fill the bill for the time being. If you are a Superman fan, or a fan of very well made action figures, you should definitely pick this one up!



Last modified: July 1, 2017

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