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When Jason Yang releases a brand new series you naturally sit up and take notice especially when he just happens to be a senior photographer here at Exclu. His series from a while back now titled “Toys With Toys” was one of the creative catalysts that helped to form the direction of the Exclu platform and ever since then we’ve seen a lot of series inspired by breakout concept.

To truly celebrate the completing of the circle, Jason’s recent stylised series focuses on the 40th Anniversary 6″ Black Series figures as he connects them with their iconic Kenner poses from their original releases which look almost comedic when compared to todays ultra-realistic tone across a lot of toy photography. But enough of us gawking – heres the series so far with more to follow over the coming months.


For more incredible series like these be sure to follow Jason over on Instagram via his portfolio page @workmoreorless and stay tuned right here at Exclu as we’ll have more exclusive content from Jason in the coming weeks.

Last modified: July 1, 2017

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