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With the full Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends line announced a few hours ago, Dale and Mark from the reviews team have waded in with their opinions on one of the most complete and best looking waves for quite a while now.

Here’s what Mark has to say :

“EXTRA EXTRA! Cate Blanchett and Chris Hemsworth shrunk and coated in plastic!

‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: The one where he fights the elves or something’ are far from my favourite Marvel movies, but since I heard Immigrant Song thrashing out in that trailer along with those Taikai Waititi gags and visuals Ragnarok has been a firm fixture on my calendar. Then Hasbro drop these. What can I say other than wow?! Hasbro really do appear to be pushing the envelope when it comes to their Marvel Legends figures.

First came the superb likenesses in their Doctor Strange wave, then their Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 figures had amazing sculpts (particularly Gamora) and now their Thor Ragnarok line looks like it could be the most screen accurate yet! For what I call a ‘high street’ line of toys (priced at around the £20 mark rather than that of your SHFigurats and Mezco figures) the sculpts on these appear to be remarkable likenesses for the actors.

Combine this with one of the best BAFs since Groot from the first GotG and you’ve got a winner on your hands. Keep up the good work, oh, and the nine year old me would just like to request a figure of Geoff Goldblum’s Grandmaster in the next wave, just that his figure from Jurassic Park sucked.”


Dale wades in with his thoughts :

“Just when you’re finally getting caught up with the Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 line, here comes Hasbro to announce another stellar line to their Marvel Legends series, this time for the upcoming film, Thor: Ragnarok. At first glance it’s easy to look passed the other figures and go straight to this series build-a-figure, Gladiator Hulk! Smart move by Hasbro making this the build-a-figure, meaning you’ll have to buy the entire line in order to collect every piece and assemble him… Smart move because this is quite possibly the most badass build-a-figure I’ve ever seen, just check out that armor!

He’s not screaming but hey, I’ll still take it. The other figures in the line revealed today, which include: Thor, Loki, Hela and Valkyrie all look to have great sculpts and seem like worth additions to any collection but how can you compete with Gladiator Hulk? You can’t… Just take my money, Hasbro.”

Stan concurs and its clear to see which is his favourite part of this line-up:

“Tired of seeing your Hulk figure in just his pants? Well, you can now finally get a much cooler, hulkier version of Hulk with the new wave coming from Marvel Legends. This series will be of the Thor Ragnorak movie line, and the ultimate build a figure is Gladiator Hulk! While the other figures are cool, and some are ones we have not seen before, the ultimate prize here is what will presumably be a huge Gladiator Hulk in his full armor and giant hammer. Just when you though the Hulk couldn’t get any cooler, Marvel Legends shows us that he truly can!”

All in all this looks like a solid fan favourite wave with each figure actually having some draw in themselves rather than being purchased solely for the BAF and then floating around on the after-market minus that part.

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Last modified: June 30, 2017

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