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Oh hey! Didn’t see ya there… What’s that? You’re addicted to plastic crack and you’re looking for your next fix? Well calm down, I’ve got what you need, bro. I’ve got these heroes… they’re in a half shell and keep yelling something about “turtle power,” whatever that means… Looking back on it, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird must have been on some pretty good drugs to think something like a group of mutated teenage reptiles that practice martial arts in the sewers of NYC would be a good idea for a comic book. But hey, I’m not one to judge, TMNT was a huge part of growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, which brings me to why these figures by SH Figuarts are the shiznizzle bam snip snap. EVERYTHING. These are exactly what I’ve wanted in a Ninja Turtles figure since before I got my first boner. Okay Okay, I’ll break it down for you.

What’s in the box?

What’s in the box? What’s in the boooox? Well detective Mills, there’s a head. Two heads actually. Each of these turtles are sold separately and each come with:

  • Alternate head sculpt
  • Four sets of hands
  • Interchangeable belt holster

Unique to each Turtle:


  • Bo staff
  • Slice of pizza


  • Two swords
  • Manhole cover


  • Two Sai
  • Throwing star
  • Kunai dagger


  • Two fixed position nunchucks for posing
  • Two metal chain nunchucks
  • Shell grappling hook



Each coming with not one but two unique head sculpts that capture the personality of our favorite sewer dwellers, Bandai did an excellent job making sure these look exactly like the Ninja Turtles I grew up watching. If that’s not enough to get you doing roundhouse kicks all over your living room and kitchen then just wait, there’s more! Hands, hands, hands and more hands!



That’s four sets of hands ladies and gents, one to grab you by your neck, one to pull you in, one to slap you across the face for looking so surprised at all the options sitting in front of you and while you’re still catching your breath, there’s the other set to punch you straight in the nads. Okay, maybe I got a little too worked up over hands, but each turtle also comes with a unique accessory, like a slice of pizza, a manhole cover, a grappling hook or throwing star. It doesn’t stop there friends, you can actually switch out the back of their belts incase you want to holster their beautifully sculpted weapons there or want a clean look, you’ve got options.



This is one of the only things that I can find wrong with these figures and I can’t really say that it’s Bandai’s fault so much as it’s Eastman’s fault for designing super heroes with huge ass turtle shells. they can really only get so much range of motion with those suckers on both sides. With that being said, they’re surprisingly articulate for what they are, they come equipped with double joins on both the elbows and knees and the front shell has some flex to give you a little extra range. The joints themselves have a really smooth yet solid movement to them so it’s easy to settle them into a pose and have them stay there.


All in all though, they’re hands down the most articulate Ninja Turtle figures I’ve ever laid my dirty mitts on, so giving it 8/10 is probably just me trying to complain about something or just to point out that nothing is perfect… not even Captain America’s teeth, I heard that dude doesn’t even floss.


I know most people would probably rate this a little lower, and I’ll agree that $50+ is a lot for a 1:12 figure but hear me out… The arms and legs are friggin die cast, dawg. End of story. Hold one of these in your hand, I dare ya. Hell, I triple dog dare ya. If you’re like me, you’ll have that “Oh, now I get it” moment where you feel your face involuntarily shift to the likeness of Robert DeNiro as you slowly nod your head in approval. It’s got some weight to it so you know you can get a little rough, but it’s flexible so you can still hit all your favorite positions.



We sent it out to a lab for analysis and the test results came back positive. These figures do in fact have full blown turtle power. So much turtle power in fact that we would advise wearing some sort of protective eyewear, we wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt.



What’s that you say? It doesn’t go to 11? Tell that to Spinal Tap cause guess what? I just did it. I honestly haven’t been this pumped up about a toy since I first found out the fleshlight was a real thing. The only reason I didn’t give it 12 was because they’re taking FOREVER to release villains and I’m running out of ideas for shots of them just hanging out looking cool.



Last modified: June 30, 2017

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