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Eric Hill is the next photographer to take on a themed challenge for the Exclu platform so here is his entry all based around his assigned word “Nostalgia”.


The word “Nostalgia”, to me can be described as, a distant memory of something valued to oneself. The sight, smell or feeling of an object or a moment in time can bring us right back to it, if only for a second. A moment or object that had great meaning or a profound imprint on our souls. It can help us travel to the past where we can relive the moment of glory and joy. Maybe its just a simple flashback of ” oh I remember that” and the feelings come flooding back. For me opening figures always brings me back to a time when I was young, and excited, to this day nothing has changed.


For this representation of nostalgia, I decided to go back to some of my most cherished childhood memories. When I was four years old my mom took me to meet Spiderman at local comic book shop, I instantly became hooked with the web slinging spider. This was also where I got my first autographed comic and spidey figure.


Along with Spiderman, Raphael of the Ninja Turtles has a place near and dear to my heart. My mom bought me an awesome TMNT figure of Raph, who has always been my favourite of all the turtles. So I decided to blend these two memories together in a scene. Almost as if spidey is looking back at his figure thinking” we have been through a lot my friend”.I think toy photographers can relate to the web head or the turtles being a first memory of a great timeless toy.

The figures I used for this photo are: 1/6 Hot Toys Spiderman and Lego TMNT Raphael.


The Iron Samurai, I chose to do this samurai shot because I feel like the samurai depicts an image of a time long ago, “the good old days”. A fond memory of a time when battles were fought with blade and armour using precise skills, where small error could have devastating consequences. So with this I thought the Iron Samurai portrayed the past. And the past will always be nostalgic.

The figure I for this is: the Bandai Iron Man Samurai.


For this photo I chose to shoot a team of soldiers clearing an area of enemy territory. The two marine soldiers were sweeping the bombed out buildings when one of the soldiers stumbled upon what could have been a small child’s room or a collectors private room. The soldier couldn’t believe his eyes. “James, are you seeing this?” “I had these as a kid, I played with these green army men all day on my grandparents farm”, he said. The soldiers quickly came back to reality as shells began to fall on the area once again. The soldier dropped the green army man and said ” what i wouldn’t give to be on the farm right now.”

The figures I used for this are: Acid Rain World marines and green army men.


Fugitiod. My most memorable toy moment of all time was the night my mom brought me a Fugitiod figure.  I still very distinctly remember just getting out of the bath when she called me into the kitchen and handed me this totally awesome figure. He was so cool looking with his robot body and coppery gold paint scheme. Every time I look at this figure. the memory comes flooding back. So it was an definitive must to include when capturing nostalgic shots.

The figure I used for this is: Playmates TMNT Fugitoid

I hope you enjoyed my imagery and interpretation of the word nostalgia.  I would like to give a huge thank you to Exclu Exclusive for the opportunity to collaborate with them on this project. To Jack and the rest of the Exclu team, it was an honor.
Thanks Eric

A huge thank you to Eric for taking the time to share his thoughts on his assigned theme world throughout this incredible shoot which really hits all the high notes. To see more of Eric’s work be sure to follow him over on his Instagram @heatfour and for more of the latest shoots from the Toy Photography community stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: June 30, 2017

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