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The Dark Crusader who isn’t wearing “Hockey pads” is here. Lower your voice, turn down the lights and fear the bat.

One of the upcoming releases by Tamashii Nations is the figure of Christian Bale in his appearance in one of the best Batman movies – The Dark Knight!


SCULPT – 10/10

It’s no secret that Tamashii Nations know how to do an amazing sculpt and they won’t disappoint the buyers of their newest Batman. The figure comes with two different head sculpts and both are detailed and very movie accurate. Although just the mouth and chin are visible behind the mask the actor Christian Bale and his version of Batman are easy to recognize.

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The unique style of the Dark Knight’s armour are also perfectly sculpted. I compared the armour with pictures from the movie and they did a really nice job. The details are very fine and they also paid great attention to the proportions of Batman. The armour gives a feeling of high quality and many parts of it are also containing a lot of structures.

Batman comes with a non-detachable utility belt with an holster for his grapnel gun. One highlight which is very cool but also sometimes annoying: the cape is made of soft goods and four wires are sewed in to make it possible to ‚pose‘ the cape. The annoying part is that it’s often necessary to twist the wires so the cape remains in its position.


Beside his grapnel gun he comes with a bomb gun and two Batarang’s. I can’t complain about the weapon quality this time. Especially the Batarang’s are very nice and movie accurate.


The whole armour scheme follows the intention of the Dark Knight – being a feared guardian of the weak. It’s mostly black with some different shades and a metal looking grey. Once again the paint application is on a high level. The utility belt is painted in a contrast colour as seen in the movies – it seems to be a shade of copper and it looks brilliant.

The additional weapons are much better painted than in other releases and it’s supporting the products high level. No issues here. So full score?


No! The head sculpt (one of the most important parts) isn’t painted perfect. A very, very small amount of the skin colour ran into the black of the mask. For normal collectors or photography shots this won’t be a problem, but for really near close-ups this could be not so good.  Maybe it’s just an exception but for now…



Realistic moves and posing? No problem with over 20 points of articulation. As always the joints and swivels are giving a good feeling and offer exact posing. Some parts of the armour aren’t possible to pose in all angles due to Batman’s shoulder pads and his left leg is also limited a little bit by the holster.

The wires in the cape do a solid work and also offer some new possibilities. It’a very cool feature if you have some patience.



The prices are almost the same like every new S.H. Figuarts between $55 up to $79. It’s definitely a fair trade and if you don’t own a Batman this could be a great figure to start with in the 6inch scale.


The price for used figures is always hard to predict and due to the fresh release i wasn’t able to find some. I guess getting him around 45$ is a very good deal.


The box is in the same size like previous releases and it’s full packed this time. The figure, two heads, two Batarang’s, bomb gun, grapnel gun and 6 (!) pairs of different hands. Instruction are included but as always everything is self explanatory.

The box also has a huge window so inbox collectors can still see the main figure. I can’t wait to put the upcoming Joker played by Heath Ledger by his side.

batmanverdict copy

A big thank you to Patrick for taking the time to share his thoughts throughout this exclusive review of the upcoming Dark Knight release from Tamashii Nations. Catch more of Patrick’s work over on Instagram via @wonderbunk and for features from the Toy Photography community stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: June 29, 2017

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