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Did you ever dream about owning the whole ‘House Party Protocol’ that we all saw during Iron Man 3?

Well, with the first announcement for this year’s Toy Fair exclusives Hot Toys will bring you one step closer to completing your own Iron Man house party!


Next up in the House Party line of suits will be the Iron Man MK XXIII suit, which is better known as ‘Shades’.


The sculpt is already known from the 2015 release of the MK XL ‘Shotgun’ variant, ,but Shades comes with a repaint in digital camouflage. Beside the new color scheme all other features are almost the same:

  • LED operated eyes, repulsor and reactor
  • interchangeable palms
  • improved articulation
  • circular figure stage with flexible pole for dynamic poses


So, unfortunately nothing really new or special, although the new paint scheme looks really intimidating. And this is the point at which Hot Toys once again splits the community of collectors on two camps.


One half is happy to get their hands on another version of Iron Man and the other half is annoyed by the amount of the armor variant releases.

Hot Toys once announced that they want to complete the House Party Protocol and it is logical that a lot of suits are very similar, for example MK 10 thru MK 14.

A lot of collectors are happy at the opportunity to have a huge diversity in their collection and as long as the suits are good selling products, there’s no need for a change of Hot Toys’ production and release policy.


If you belong to the other half of collectors who are bothered by a new Iron Man figure then I suggest to simply ignore the release and save money for a figure you really want.

It’s obvious that HT will announce some more exclusives within the next days and maybe you’ll get the figure you’re looking for.


I appreciate the effort that we’re able to collect figures in a high-end quality these days even if it’s just another Iron Man.

You can check out the full details over on the Hot Toys site alongside all the other Iron Man suits available.

Last modified: June 29, 2017

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