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With the upcoming release of Marvel’s newest blockbuster ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ more and more information is surfacing about the latest toy tie-ins to the hugely anticipated sequel.

One of the most anticipated lines is Hasbro’s 6″ Marvel Legends which is aimed towards the adult collectors. A lot of rumours and speculations have been buzzing around the internet leading to heated discussions about which figures would be included in the newest Legends wave.

Figures Announced :

  • 6″  Ragnarok Thor – $20
  • 6″ Ragnarok Hela – $20
  • 6″ Ragnarok Loki – $20
  • BAF Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk
  • 6″ Ragnarok Thor &  Ragnarok Valkyrie 2-Pack – Target Exclusive – $40

6″ Ragnarok Thor
(Comes with 2 swords , Hulk head BAF and Hulk Gladiator Helmet)


6″ Ragnarok Hela
(Comes with Interchangeable head , Spear, Hulk arm BAF and Hulk Battleaxe)



6″ Ragnarok Loki
(Comes with Horned Helm and Hulk Leg BAF)


BAF Hulk
(Complete with Helmet, Hammer and Battleaxe)

6 ” Thor and Valkyrie 2-Pack – Target Exclusive
(Comes with Interchangeable hands for Thor with Sword and lightning effects. Also included is a Sword and sheathe for Valkyrie)


Finally we have some clarity about it and the first pictures and details are confirmed by Hasbro. The most important fact we’ll get the friend from work as BAF – Gladiator Hulk!

As always the several parts of the build- able figure are included in the single packages. So if you want to add an epic Hulk to your collection you have to buy the whole wave. The first announcement includes 6 single figures with one part of Hulk in it. Due to the size of the green gladiator (expect over 8″).

Once again Hasbro did an amazing job with the sculpt. No matter if it’s Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett or Tom Hiddleston – their 6″ counterparts are on point! This wave will hit the collectors heart harder than Thor’s hammer!

The figures announced today will join up with the previously announced Jane Foster’s Thor, Odinson and Ares.



Beside the BAF part every figure comes with several accessories as seen in the pictures which is always a good thing as it helps to bolster the figures value for money especially in a market that is as competitive as ours. It’s obvious that this wave is one of the hottest announcements Hasbro has made so far this year so further information and deeper insight will follow!

For more reactions to the Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends stay tuned to Exclu.

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Last modified: June 29, 2017

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