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Community photographer Jared Beerman gives us the lowdown on a fan favourite comic character to emerge in the last few years in the form of Spidergwen from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line.


I will be completely honest right off the bat (and throughout this review), I did not know about Spider-Gwen until I saw this figure.  I knew who Gwen Stacy was from the movies, so she had that against her.  I am very excited for Spider-Man Homecoming, I think the new iteration of the character is great.  Spider-Man was one of my favorite parts of Captain America: Civil War, but anyway, back to Spider-Gwen.  There is just something so awesome about her uniform that made me instantly want this figure and to learn more about her adventures.  I have recently moved to the Marvel Legends line and this figure is definitely one of my favorites.


SCULPT – 8/10

This figure is 5 and 1/2 inches tall, and built like a gymnast to mimic the body style customary to characters bit by radio active spiders. She comes with two head sculpts, masked and unmasked, which gives you a wide variety of options.  Each head has a matching hood, an up hood for the mask head, and a down hood for the unmasked head.  There is also a ball and chain Absorbing Man build a figure piece.


I personally do not like the build a figure piece, it feels cheap and lacks detail.  I would have preferred an extra set of hands to provide more options, but I can make due with what was provided.


The only negative comment I have about the paint is there are a few minor aqua scuffs on the back of her left calf that seems like an error when the bottom of the boots were painted.    They are very minor and would be easy to paint over or resolve in Photoshop.  I have seen this on two Spider-Gwen figures so I will make the assumption that most of them will have this issue.  I love the fading of magenta around the masked eyes, it is really fantastic!


This figure was given to me as a present, but I saw it go for around $30 online.  I feel this is “reasonable-ish” price at the moment since it is an older figure and was apparently hard to find when first released in stores based on what I read online.


I personally am a stickler for not buying things over the MSRP, which does limit what figures I purchase but it allows me to do more with my budget.  If you are a massive Spider-Gwen fan then the price is fair enough, but everyone’s budget differs, this is just my opinion.


Mildly interesting story here for this section.  This is not my first Spider-Gwen figure.  The elbow joint is extremely tight on this figure and it broke the first time I went to bend her arm.  Luckily the person who gifted this to me used Amazon so I was able to replace the figure for a new one.


The second figure had the same issue, so I will assume it is a line issue, but have no fear, there is an easy way to resolve this issue.  Heat up some water, do not boil, that will be too hot.  I used an electric kettle to heat the water, so about the temperature used for tea works great.  Pour the water into a mug and dip the trouble joint into the water for 3 seconds, you don’t want to change the plastic too much.



Remove from water and slowly try to bend the elbow, if it doesn’t go dip again for another 3 seconds.  The elbow on mine is completely fixed and gives me no issues!  I do wish she was a bit more flexible to allow for the deep toe squat all Spider-verse characters tend to do, but I found the amount you can manipulate this figure was more then enough for 95% of the poses you will want to do.


Spider-Gwen comes in a very standard box for the Marvel Legend’s series.  While the box is nothing to write home about, all the accessories are clearly laid out so you know what you are getting when you purchase this figure.The figure was very easy to remove from the package but the plastic holding it was tight enough to provide protection during shipping which is what I truly care about, I take my figures out of the box!


Since this is an older figure I have never seen it a brick and mortar store, although where I live has a very limited selection.  This figure is available online both new and used, so if this is a figure you want, do your hunting online!


A huge thank you to Jared for taking the time to share his thoughts and his photography with us to give us a better idea of the Gwen Stacey Marvel Legends figure. Be sure to catch more of Jared’s work over on his Instagram account @beermanphotography and for the latest community reviews stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: June 28, 2017

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