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“The city is flying, were fighting an army of robots and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense!


No one’s favourite Avenger is Hawkeye, right? He’s stood there next to a Supersoldier, a giant green monster, a guy in a flying robot suit that shoots lasers, and one of the greatest female characters in comics – and he’s holding a bow and arrow. HAVING SAID THAT, Sitting here now with the Hot Toys Age of Ultron Hawkeye on my desk, mounted on my dynamic poses stand, bow and arrow in hand – I have to concede, maybe Hawkeye IS my favourite Avenger!

SCULPT – 10/10

This is a Hot Toys figure, and so comes with a certain amount of expectation attached where the facial sculpt is concerned. The brand has come to represent one of the top manufacturers of one sixth scale figures in the world and their attention to detail – particularly in the face department – is the stuff of legend. This figure is no exception. The likeness to Jeremy Renner is outstanding. As with any face the perfect is in the imperfections – the pours, the subtle shadow of stubble, the furrowed brow – I can only conclude that this was made by Hank Pym shrinking Renner down, dipping him in plastic and creating a mould. Its just that good. His hair too is superbly done, with subtle spikes and waves added to create as life-like an effect as possible.



The praise for the figures sculpt doesn’t end there though, as the figure’s accessories all have this same attention to detail. The interchangeable hands included are finished with veins and fingernails.


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As most of this figure is covered in soft goods, we can only really comment once again on the face and hands. Both of which are beautifully finished with great colour blending and a very lifelike and natural skin tone. As with all Hot Toys figures, the head sculpt is specially hand painted for a truly stunning finish.



Regarding the accessories, both his bows have an awesome purple and black carbon fibre effect finish which really makes them stand out. Similarly the arrows and arrow heads all have a great metallic finish with real pin point accuracy and attention given to their paint application.


Mr Barton here is currently selling new for around the £200 ($254 at the time of writing) but I managed to pick mine up for £120 from Ebay. He’s second hand, but came new and unopened in the box from a strictly MIB collector (Thats not how we do things at Exclu!) I honestly don’t think anyone could accuse Hot Toys figures of being over priced.

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The quality and detail alone make them worth the price tag, but when you consider the workmanship that goes into each figure’s facial sculpt and paint finish along with the crafting of the costume the price point can be easily justified. I admit though, that until I actually had one in my hand, I didn’t truly appreciate this fact. The weight and stability makes this a very solid figure.


Hawkeye has over 30 points of articulation. ‘So why the 8/10 score Mark?’ I hear you ask. For all his articulation, he lack joints in one place that I always look for when posing figures for those really dynamic action poses and ‘Superhero Landing’ shots – ankle joints!

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He has no bend at the ankle which mean if in a kneeling or running pose his boots remain in the standing position which, although not catastrophic in the posing department, does make it awkward to balance him. The use of a dynamic poses stand maybe required for these shots to be edited out in post production.


Having said that, the rest of the figure’s articulation is expectedly outstanding. Double elbow and knee joints mean for some truly lifelike poses – particularly when drawing his bow or reaching for his quiver. There is a nice ball joint at the upper and lower neck and a good ab crunch. I haven’t thought of a pose yet that I wanted to shoot and was held back on due to articulation. Its just those ankles!




The overall design is arguably nye on perfect. The attention to detail on the screen accurate costume from AOU is superb and the likeness to Jeremy Renner is jaw dropping. The accessories are perfect for the figure with the inclusion of the extended and collapsible bows and a whole plethora of arrows and arrow heads, what more do you need? The figure feels solid in hand and when posed for those tricky action shots. There is no wobble or spring back to any of his joints so once posed he will stay exactly where you want him.

The way the quiver is assembled with fully removable arrows works well for the figure along with the simple yet effective way it attaches to the figure’s back. The sunglasses (although not a favourite in my shots as they do nothing but cover up those beautifully hand painted Hot Toys eyes) are well fitted to the head sculpt and feel secure when attached. The arrow head changers on his boots are magnetic and once again feel secure when attached without leaving behind any ugly peg holes when they aren’t.



Mark Walker is a full time professional photographer based in Nottinghamshire, UK with a studio set in the heart of the Sherwood Forest. His working week consists of Wedding and Portrait work with Toy Photography being a passion that has grown over the last few years. His work has appeared at SDCC on the Hasbro stand and on the Yahoo Movies website. When he doesn’t have a camera in his hands , they are full with being a husband and father to two boys.

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