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In the interest of non-biased reviews , Patrick Pchalek and Lazaro Diaz have teamed up to provide their thoughts and opinions on the SH Figuarts Deadshot figure based on the iteration of the character we saw on screen in Suicide squad. So what do they make of the impressive looking figure?


Patrick Pchalek :

Well, this isn’t really a sculpt. It’s a shrunken version of Will Smith and no matter how Tamashii Nations did it – it’s almost perfect.

Almost? Yes, due to the production design the both heads are consisting of two halves. Due to that theres a small join between the front and back part of the head sculpts. This sounds more worse than it is because it doesn’t impair the whole impression.

The rest of the body is very detailed and accurate. The clothes under the armour and the mask have a fine structure which makes it look very realistic. He comes with a lot of holsters for guns and clips. These are part of the sculpt and

Further he comes with his unique wrist pistols and a knife on his left boot. All of these are also not detachable. Beside his two interchanging heads he comes with a total amount of six hands and his customised rifle. The rifle is also very detailed and it has even the‚ DeadShot crosshair on the right side of the clip. The small issue with the join isn’t enough to rate down the score.


Lazaro Diaz :

The sculpt on this figure is completely amazing! Figuarts has nailed it once again! From all the ammo clips and magazines he has sculpted onto his suit, to the armor itself and the sniper rifle he brings.


Amazing sculpt and the likeness on the Will Smith head is very well done. The figure looks very much like Will did in Suicide Squad. And the masked head is very well done too with texturing all over.



Patrick :

The paint application is following the high level of the sculpt. Eyes, beard and even the visible eye on the mask is painted correctly. Every drop of paint is at the place where it belongs. I still think they just have shrunk Mr Smith! The armour parts are painted in a very nice grey which looks like metal or kevlar.


Well done!

Sometimes i have the feeling that manufactures don’t pay much attention about the weapons. Tamashii Nations did it much better. The rifle is painted in the typical colours of DeadShot. All paint application are on point but if you take a closer look there is one thing that bothered me although it isn’t the end of the world. The lenses of the scope are painted golden. Why? So much love for details but golden lenses? Its not the biggest issue but it´s important to mention it.

I admit that it was hard to decide and in the end i think the small fault with the lens isn’t worth a point downgrade

Lazaro Diaz :

As far as my specific figure, the paint application is on point. Not a single paint blemish and no paint bleeding onto parts it’s no supposed to be in. Everything is neatly and perfectly painted. The figure is very highly detailed and his accessories are also well painted. It would’ve been nice if the rifle had a slight metallic look instead of just regular paint, other than that everything is well done.

The paint job ended up being as accurate as Deadshot’s aim! (Eye does not light up. That was an effect for the picture)


Patrick Pchalek :

I found a price range from 55$ up to 79$ and with the quality in mind its a realistic price. If you can pick him up in that range you wont be disappointed. As almost always the price is in the upper part of that range. Aftermarket prices were not available due to the fresh release. I think they’ll be around 35$ up to a maximum of 50$.


Lazaro Diaz :

This figure is part of the very highly detailed S.H Figuarts line. The price point seems okay at fifty four U.S dollars for a figure as highly detailed and articulated as this one. The standard retail price varies on figures from this line but it’s usually between fifty three and sixty U.S dollars. But I believe It’s a decent price for a figure this well made.



Patrick Pchalek : 

With over 20 points of articulation it is possible to do a lot of realistic poses. All articulation points are moving good and they transfer a good feeling of durability.  Due to the sculpt some points are a little bit limited. Especially the upper left leg and the torso could be better in their movement.  It´s still a great figure for action posing and for realistic movement.


Lazaro Diaz :

The articulation on these Figuarts figures is amazing. On this particular one it’s made in a way so that the armour does not hinder any articulation. You can really get a ton of action poses from this figure as you can with the other Suicide Squad figures from Figuarts. So far I’m digging it! It’s really well suited for some nice action shots of him fighting Batman or any other character you’d like.


As far as points of articulation I counted just about twenty six. I might have accidentally left out one or two but thats what I visibly saw.


Patrick Pchalek : 

DeadShot comes in the typical S.H. Figuarts package design. The figure is visible through a huge window front and its a nice design for inbox collectors.  My figure came in a brown shipper and i was very surprised about it.

The product photos on that package don’t meet the high quality of the figure itself. The figure is packed practical and without unnecessary stuff. A small introduction is hidden behind the figure but everything is also self explaining.  I’m sure that Tamashii Nations will have a huge success with this figure like they had with their Harley Quinn release. If you liked her you will love him!

Lazaro Diaz :

I really like the box designs on the S.H Figuarts figures I own so far (4) and the box has some nice pictures of the figure in the front and back and clearly displays all the accessories. The figure overall is really well done from the sculpting to the paint applications to the articulation.


Easily one of my top favorite figures in my collection. Character wise I believe people liked Will Smith’s take on Deadshot and I believe he will be sought after. According to Amazon he won’t be released until mid July but you can easily go purchase him on Ebay right now!


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Last modified: June 25, 2017

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