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Guest reviewer Mo Yassin brings us an in-depth look at the DC Icons Deluxe Cyborg figure alongside a host of his own original photography as he goes to real depth to explain away the practicality and pro’s and con’s of the figure.


Hey everyone, Mo here and it’s my mission to point you to the best plastic incarnation of a character. I’d like to thank the Exclu Collective team for giving me the chance to share my thoughts with you fine folks.

Today we’ll be looking at the DC collectibles DC Icons line deluxe figure : Cyborg.

Okay right off , DC collectibles rarely disappoints on sculpt , this is all original sculpt and no re-used parts ( except for a suspicious bit we’ll get to later on ) and that is impressive .

All the line work is sculpted and not just painted , the rubber patterns between the metal section has a sculpted pattern on it, all red sections including the chest logo is also sculpted , it gives the impression of an actual metal suit and not some rubber suit with painted lines.


Now the head sculpt, the robotic section is great , it’s very well done and mixes nicely with the human part of the head , however , that human part is all to similar to a previous release ……. The John Stewart green lantern. Now it’s not an exact 100 % but it’s very similar and very few paint and sculpt differences are there , now I can understand if this was a pure human head the urge they might get to re-use an old head to save cost . however , the robotic sections in the face mean it’s a new sculpt .. so why wouldn’t you change up the human feature along with it?!

5 (1)

The human part of the head is a small nitpick but as I do own both figures… it does bother me a bit especially if you pose them next to each other.





Another well done section in the figure, the matt silver finish on the entire figure gives a certain look of quality to it , non of that shiny plastic look on display here. All the sculpted line work is shown off even more with a nice black wash to make those details pop we don’t usually see black wash applied in the DC icons line but it’s done wonderfully here.


The red sections are painted ever so nicely with great precision as well.


The head part is also a highlight no mis-painted areas , the human areas look actually human , eyes painted neat and even some paint variation for the lips.

Overall awesome paint application here.



Ok so this is a “deluxe” set, which is a fancy word for “we’ll give you extra stuff but you’ll give us extra money” which seems fair but it all depends on the “stuff” we get.

And what we get is different arm “cannon options, 2 sets of hand , alternate right hand and a charging motor with wiring”.


I personally love the different weapons , they are different enough and varied to give you cool and unique posing options.


But I hate that motor thing, it’s pointless, it gives a specific pose option and assembling it is such a hassle , I couldn’t put the thick wire as it wouldn’t bend and gave too much resistance, the 2 small one barely fit and can easily detach. I had to use a table prop to make this work.


That plastic used in the motor could have been used in a different torso piece or even a head as that thing will stay in the box never to be used.

Now the Cyborg deluxe set will set you back $40 which compared to the $23 mark for regular DC icons releases is a bit too steep (I could have spent $5 more and got two figures from the line).

The point here is, yes the extra weapons given are nice but I think a $30 price point would have been better. There was a previously released deluxe Hal Jordan set in the line and it cost $30.  The motor accessory I find very useless as well.

Overall you’re getting a lot of nice options and one useless accessory here but not at the optimal price.



A major section here for all you collectors that love to pose you figures a lot. The DC icons pack a lot of articulation points ( 30 to be exact ) now instead of doing a lot of pictures to try and show you what you get out of you figure, I’ll put a diagram to show you and point out the problems separately.

Pretty impressive eh? Now for the problems, the major problem is that the icons line continue to have poo range for head movement , it’s simple very limiting especially for a character like this (you can’t put this guy in a flying pose due to the head limitations).
Overall a strong category here, just wish the issue in the line with the head movement gets fixed.



Yes we’ve wanted a new cyborg for a long time, and the ones we got before were limited in articulation so this was a god send , many people had the comic book justice league all ready from the icons line and were waiting on this – This is no peg warmer.

The matte silver finish with the beautiful black wash gives this figure a certain appeal on you shelf , it’s simply a great colour scheme that catches the eye. And for you mint in box collectors , you get a nice window box display that has a standard design to all the icons releases for uniformity. It’s nothing too unique but the figure is clearly displayed with all the accessories.


A huge thank you to Mo for taking the time and effort to compile the review and for giving us his overall verdict of 44/50 which makes the DC figure well worth a pick up if you can find it for the right price. Be sure to catch more of Mo’s work over on Instagram @mo_yassin.

Last modified: June 20, 2017

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