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Next up in our community review program is the Star Wars 6″ X-Wing Luke Black Series review and its conducted and capture by Sam Olsavsky over at @sol_Trooper as he covers our 5 key components to give a non-biased look at perhaps the most iconic depiction of Luke from the classic trilogy.

Community review by Sam Olsavsky

Luke Skywalker, one of the most loved and renowned characters from the original trilogy. Whether blowing up the Death Star or moisture farming on Tatooine, Luke will always have a place in our hearts. 
Luke is the son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. He was raised on Tatooine with his Aunt and Uncle. Luke however soon joined the rebellion in his teenage years and had a major role in many of the rebel attacks. Today I will be doing a review on the Black Series X-Wing Luke Skywalker. I will be focusing on Sculpt, Paint Application, Price Point, Articulation, and Overall Design. 
Luke Skywalker’s sculpt is pretty good from his outfit to the details on his helmet. The wrinkles on his jumpsuit complement the figure. From the gadgets on Luke’s chest to his boots, his outfit suits the character nicely.

Luke’s face however could use improvement. Not enough detail was put into the sculpt. His hair would need a paint job to make it look lighter and more detail would need to be put in his face. The face on Luke looks emotionless and has a blank stare (that reaches everyone corner of your soul.)


Score: 7/10
Paint Application
The painting on Luke was well done. None of the colors mixed with each other when he first arrived and no colors mixed when met with water. However, Luke’s X-Wing outfit is a bit too dark to how it was in the movies. If it was to be brightened up a bit, the painting for his body would have been perfect.
The helmet on Luke was well done. It has a weathered look on it which goes along well with the look of Luke. His face however would need more detail and paint as stated in the Sculpt. Luke’s light saber was different from the movies as well. His light saber was too bright but his pistol was well done.
Score: 8/10
Price Point
Luke’s original price point could have ranged from $15 USD to $30 USD though I am not sure. Today his price can vary from $80 USD to $100+ USD. In the box you would receive a removable helmet, a lightsaber, and a pistol. The worth of the buy can depend on weather one is trying to collect all of the original black series figures or not. Luke has been discontinued and can only be found online which is why his price is so high. Recently however, Star Wars Celebration Orlando brought Luke back up again to the surface for purchase, however this was a first come first serve bases and is no longer found in stores. This recent Luke was part of the 40th Anniversary figures and is currently going for $120+ USD.
Score: 5/10
Luke’s articulation is excellent.  His arms, legs, and feet can move easily and stay in one place when stationary. The legs are double jointed which is a great touch, but his arms are single jointed. The body can twist easily which can set up for some great photos. The feet and legs are also well done because they do an amazing job of keeping the figure still and not off balance.
Score: 9/10
Overall Design
Luke can remain stationary in a variety of stances without you having to worry about him falling over. The only detail on this figure that I would recommend changing would be the paint, the rest of this figure is amazing. I would recommend buying him if you are trying to collect the original figures but the only negative about him is his price tag. The price for him is outrageous, but overall, buying him is worth it.
Score 9/10
Luke Skywalker received a 38/50. The figure itself is impressive but could use improvement. If you do not mind the paint job or the price however, this figure could just be for you.

Total Score : 38/50


A massive thank you to Sam for taking the time to put together this review giving us a community based look at the figure so be sure to catch more of Sam’s work over on Instagram  @sol_trooper  and let us know in the comments below if you agree with the scores!

Last modified: June 14, 2017

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