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This weeks first full shoot comes courtesy of Adam Wayt (@mutant_ex) who really takes the theme to task and presents his interpretation with a gorgeous and well rounded shoot using characters from A New Hope – a film which introduced us to the multitude of conflicts within the Star Wars Universe – a shoot you do not want to miss.

Exclusive Shoot for VS Week
by Adam Wayt

Hey! My name is Adam and I am an up and coming photographer in the toy community. I have been into toy photography for about a year now, it started when I found the account @sgtbananas on instagram and he inspired me to start my own account and start taking dynamic photos with my action figures. I Had the account for a little while and hadn’t uploaded, due to being a student and having lack of money, I only had two figures and no camera, but I managed and was able to borrow a camera for a while to get started and once my girlfriend started to notice I was taking it seriously she hooked me up with my first REAL camera, and I cant thank her enough!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be allowed to take part in the Exclucollective Versus week by doing an exclusive shoot for this theme. I drove down to my nearest beach and got started.

For my first shot, I really wanted to try and capture the look of Tatooine, from Star Wars. I instantly thought to bring my newly acquired Black Series Tusken Raider, Black Series Old man Obi-wan and my SHFiguarts farm-boy Luke. I set up camp on the beach and instantly started thinking of ways to set up the characters and what type of story I wanted to tell. In my head, I like to fill in the blanks between scenes in the movie, so in this case I imagined that maybe a stray Tusken attempts to attack Luke and Obi-wan on their way back to Obi-wan’s house, during the events of A New Hope.


For this shot, I wanted to try and better apply a technique I was learning more and more about in college at the and it was the use of a fast shutter speed, I wanted to capture the elements of water floating through the photo to make it look as dynamic as possible. I was happy with the result, but at that point during the shoot, I hadn’t got a photo that I was truly proud of until later on, and it was this next shot.


For this shot I really wanted to challenge myself, not in the way I got the photo but the digital clean up aspect after, I had the idea of having a group of 4 Tusken Raiders all in different poses chanting, getting ready for a fight, the only problem was I only had one Tusken Raider. So, I set up my camera on my tripod and posed my one figure how I wanted him then got the photo, I did this a further 3 times and kept moving the figure, and changing his pose, but keeping the camera exactly where it was placed. When I was home I opened up all the pictures in Photoshop, cut them all out individually and composited them all into the one photo. It was a lot of work but I am most proud of how it turned out.


I really love taking portraits of my figures. I love bringing out all the details whether it be the sculpt or the paint job. For this shot I wanted to capture a wide portrait of the SHFiguarts Luke Skywalker. I posed him looking into the distance holding a Cycler rifle, looking ready to shoot any unwanted trouble. A simple shot but one I enjoyed doing and liked how it turned out.


For my final shot I wanted to change it up by doing a black and white shot. I posed my figure over a rock scouting with his rifle for something to kill. It was again a simple shot but I feel there is something formal about black and white shots and prefer too keep them more quiet or less busy.


A huge thank you to Adam for taking the time and effort to compile such a well rounded and intricate shoot as this one so clearly is so be sure to catch more of his work over on Instagram via @mutant_ex and be sure to leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Last modified: June 13, 2017

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