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Andrew Mitchell has recently reviewd the Hasbro Jango Fett 6″ Black Series figure alongside a full image gallery giving you the lowdown on a figure that we cant wait to add to our our collection in the Exclu studio – Clear, concise and to the point!

Review by Andrew Mitchell

Everyone can agree that the prequels are cringy and the most criticised Star Wars films to date. Even though the characters didn’t always feel right on screen we still got a number of fan favorites including Darth Maul, Obi Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu.  For this review I’ll be focusing on the Father of both the greatest Bounty Hunter ever and the Template of every standard Republic Clonetrooper – Jango Fett.  Being the savage he is, he sports Mandolorian Armor while not even being Mandolorian.

His preferred method of killing is either explosives or blasters. He wields two duel blasters, a missile in his jetpack and a wrist rocket. When Black Series created Jango Fett, they were thorough and careful. But, being themselves, they decided to get sloppy in a few areas. I’ll be bringing out the good and bad in this figure by ranking him in 5 different areas, Sculpt, Paint Application, Articulation, Price Point and Overall Design.


Jango's depressing head sculpt

Jango Fett’s Sculpt is very well done from the grooves in his boots to the iconic dent in his helmet. He has all the looks a Jango Fett should have. His arm gauntlets look just like they do in the movies but the only issue with them are the tubes/cords that connect to them from his arm. My figure’s tubes popped out and don’t stay in. It’s extremely frustrating because they look ridiculous out and keeping them in place limits his articulation. I do, however, like the blasters because they comfortably fit in his hand, unlike some other figures.

Jango Holster-Gun Detail-Hand

The holster fits snuggly on his thighs and holds the blasters with ease. The jet pack is detachable, which is very nice. I do wish that the missile was removable. This would be an excellent play feature and would allow for some cool shots. Jango Fett’s face is a typical Black Series face which is a marginally accurate replica of the real character. Thankfully, Jango comes with a helmet which hides his face and head sculpt. The overall Sculpt is impressive but the head is a problem.

Score : 8/10

Paint Application

Jango Close Up

The Paint Application on Jango is very well done on his armor. The paint doesn’t run or mix in with any other paint. I personally dislike the weathering on Jango. Half the helmet is clean and the other half is all dirty. It would have just been best if they didn’t weather him. The paint job on his face is rough. His brows are are way too curved which takes away his serious expression.

Jango JetPack Close Up

My figure only has one eye lash which cuts off half his eye. That alone really hurts the figure and forces you to consistently use the helmet, because with out it, Jango becomes the laughing stock of the prequel figures. The body is a blue while his helmet has a light blue lining around the visor which is backed up by more blue.  The silver on his armour is very photogenic and is on top of some black. The holster and belt are brown, giving him a very wide range of colours.  The paint on the face was sub-par, sloppy and lopsided which made his face look ill-proportioned.

Score : 9/10


Jango Fett’s articulation is great. The legs are double jointed. The feet are easy to twist which aides his balance. And, the ball joint in his torso allows for some epic flying shots and stances. One issue with the black series line is that their figures do not always have double jointed elbows. It’s painful and frustrating to not have a figure with double jointed elbows.

Jango Arms Spread (Additional Photo)

If they can give Yoda, the smallest black series figure, double jointed elbows then surely they can give it to Jango! Well they didn’t, but I understand why they didn’t. His gauntlets are too large to allow double jointed elbows. Anyways the tube that connects to the gauntlet has its own ring that spins around to keep it connected. So, even if they made the gauntlet smaller, it still wouldn’t have been possible. The entire figure has a total of (counting all swivel/ball/click joints) 27 points of articulation. (including both arms and legs).

Score : 9/10

Price Point

Jango Fett retails for $20 USD. For that price, you get a figure with a removable helmet, a jet pack, duel blasters and excellent articulation. Jango Fett is very durable and looks amazing. For $20, i believe this is a much better value than other figures similarly prices, i.e. First Order Trooper. Enough of that, Jango Fett is easily one of the best Black Series figures for your money. Whether your buying him as a collectible, normal toy photography or scrapping him for parts,  He is a worthy of your money.

Score : 10/10

Overall Design

Jango Shin Up_

Jango Fett’s over all design is amazing. Not only does he standout in the Black Series line, he also holds his own against the high-end versions. Whoever designed the figure, except for the head, should be awarded because its an outstanding portrait of Jango that everyone should buy. I have no regrets after buying this figure nor do I think anyone else will. His jetpack is detachable, which is nice, but I wish the missile in it does since its seen in the movie. Except the head, elbow joints and cords, this figure is nearly perfect.

Score : 9/10

Jango fett recieved a solid 45/50. The figure is impressive and helps show us why we continue to love and buy Black Series 6″ figures. I recommend picking him up and giving Jango a try.

Total Score : 45/50

A huge thank you to Andrew for adding another figure into our community review catalogue so be sure to check out more of his work over on Instagram @worn_out_trooper and leave a comment below.

Last modified: June 8, 2017

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