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The next addition to our community review catalogue comes from Carson Moore who breaks down the Star Wars 6″ Scout Trooper Black Series figure in a simple bite-size review that covers the key elements from Sculpt to articulation.

Review by Carson Moore
by @Shotsofwar


Overall, the sculpt is pretty good. I have not seen any flaws or anything like that. The sculpt is sharp, and matches the figure in the movie pretty well. One thing I was disappointed about is the visor on the helmet, it is very easy to mess up. If you are not careful taking him out of the box, it can make the visor a different shape.

Score 7/10 

Paint application 


The paint application is good, nothing runs off the figure if he is wet. But, the figure in some spots does not have very good paint. Some spots the paint is not where it is supposed to be, not because it ran off, but because it came that way. The overall quality, is good although. The accessories have minimal detail, the speeder is good, but the pistol is not.

Score 8/10

Price point 

The price point is good for what you get, for what they are, the detail and the figure are worth it. The scout figure is apart of the Black Series 6 Inch line. The average price for the scout with the speeder bike is around $30. Since it has the speeder, that bumped up the price $10 more dollars then regular Black Series figures.

Score 7/10


The articulation on the scout is great, a lot better then regular Black Series figures. The figure is great on the arms and legs, the arms bend all the way up. The legs swivel at the shins, and thy. The leg can also bend up and down, a good amount. The figure poses great, he is not hard to pose at all. ( answer question). For photography, this figure is honestly one of the best Black Series figures to use. It has 18 points of articulation.

Score 9/10 

Overall design


The overall design of the figure is good, for 6 inches, it is very movable and looks very good. The packaging could be better. When you take him out like I said you have to be very careful, or you can bend things into a messed up shape. This character to me is in demand. Tons of people want him, and have him. Because he is one of the most iconic figures in the Star Wars movies. He is available to a good amount. You cannot find him in stores, but a lot of places online.

Score 9/10

Overall score 40/50


A huge thank you to Carson for breaking down the Scout Trooper Black Series for us and be sure to head over to his Instagram page @shotsofwar for more content and let us know if you agree with the score!

Last modified: June 6, 2017

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