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Exclu Issue 4 is out now so head over to our store via the STORE tab or directly HERE to your hands on our latest digital magazine featuring some incredible exclusive material from a whole host of photographers and industry insiders.

Issue 4 is our most varied outing yet with a plethora of community content from across the globe from creatives and photographers working within the Toy Photography Industry. As usual we’re brimming with exclusive original content from all our collaborating artists and we’ve also been fortunate enough to chat with members of the Industry including Sideshow Collectibles and JackalX.

ExcluIssue4 - cover.jpg

Issue 4 features the exclusive work of : 

  • Blair Altman – @batmanandfrank
  • Olly Holmes@ollyofflames
  • David Towery – @bear__trap
  • Mohamad Hiedayyat – @absolutemono
  • Mig Jernigan – @mintcomplete
  • Jason Yang – @workmoreorless
  • Spencer Witt – @swittpics
  • Shahzad Bhiwandiwala – @sbphotographs1
  • Isaiah Takahashi – @blksrs
  • Tony Mills – @passage2alderaan
  • Matt Heywood – @heywoodpop
  • Fadhrees Suhaimi – @r2ktroopers
  • Jaimejoel Rivera – @theeternalexperience
  • Jeff Lebarron – @darksidesince77
  • Dale Schenck – @darth_shank
  • Tancredi Bua – @tanktoys
  • Bryan Mayo – @actionfiguren00b

Alongside Industry Interviews with :

  • David Igo – Sideshow Collectibles
  • Ethan Tang – JackalX
  • Carl Morgan – Funko Pop UK Facebook Community 


Thank you to all those who partook in Issue 4 and we hope that it lives up the expectations of the community.


Last modified: June 1, 2017

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