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The next entry into our community review catalogue comes from who covers the Star Wars 6″ 40th Anniversary Darth Vader Black Series figure alongside an exclusive image gallery breaking down one of the most respected figures to come out of the Black Series line.

Figure review

I’ve always been a fan of the hasbro/black series Darth Vader for a lot of reasons, the main one is his cape is fabric unlike the MAFEX Vader which has a plastic cape. Now for my review!


Vader stands at a good 6 ¾ inches tall, I would prefer him being 7 inches tall (since Vader stands at 7 feet in the movies). Let’s start with the head sculpt, I’m very impressed on the detail hasbro put into his head! His eyes aren’t purely red but more of a reddish brown and his nose has a silver paint and the grill has tiny little dots which is something small but makes a big difference! Now for the torso/arms his chest plate has the stripes just right, and his vocal box has silver, green ,red and grey buttons!

DSC_0178 (1)

And let’s not forget his arms! The sleeves look amazing with realistic wrinkles and not to mention they look leather! (not shiny leather though) and I LOVE his hands for one reason, his left hand has that “don’t choke on your aspirations’ look.  And my favourite part his cape! It has a wingspan over 15 inches!  It’s huge and fabric so it’s really great to get those realistic shots! His belt is really nice with all the different buttons that are all coloured! The only flaw is his hook for his lightsaber hilt is made of rubber and can be difficult to use his legs are similar to the arms and his boots are nice and shiny! Oh and his light has spectacular design! The blade can come out of the hilt easily! The buttons are even coloured even though they’re tiny!

Score 9/10

Paint application

DSC_0187 (1)

I don’t have very much to say for the paint because it’s perfect! With all the coloured buttons to his eyes! Love his paint so much!

Score 10/10

Price point

DSC_0193 (1)

The price is $40 which is, well ok because he comes with stands for other characters but only comes with one accessory so I think $30-$35 would’ve been a fair price. You can usually find him for $50 on ebay or amazon.

Score 7/10


DSC_0199 (1)

He has wonderful articulation! He works really well for photography and has 20 points of articulation! It has balled ankles, double jointed knees and a swivel hip!

Score 9.5/10

Overall design


As I said before his detail is amazing with all the coloured buttons and glossy and matte black legs and arms. He is somewhat hard to find, I was able to snag him at TOYSRUS. This character is definitely living up to the hype!

Score 9/10

Total score 44.5/50

A huge than you to for taking the time to sit down and analyse the Darth Vader figure from Hasbro so be sure to head over to his Instagram for more shots and leave a comment below to let us know if you agree with the final score.

Last modified: May 31, 2017

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