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Thomas Eriksson is back for SW40th Week and he brings a really imaginative shoot to bear for us as he explores his given theme ” In The Beginning ” and he does this by taking a closer look at the starting point of the careers of the foot-soldiers of the Empire utilising the Black Series figure line by Hasbro.

An Exclusive Shoot for SW40th Week
By @tuskenmilkbar

The theme for these photos is ”In the beginning”. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with this theme, there are so many possibilities and I also played around with another idea initially but eventually decided to go with this, using my Star Wars the Black Series Sandtroopers in these shots that I think works best as a series.

The photos shown are supposed to give you a glimpse of the beginning of a Stormtroopers career in the Empire, focusing on the training I imagine they would have to go through before being sent out into duty on faraway places like Tatooine, Jedha or the Death Star. Inspired by war movies I tried my best to recreate some scenes with military training exercises, and I got to build some small props as well to make it work. The photos are shot in the same order as they are shown here, I wanted it to look like “a day in the life” of a Stormtrooper, so the last shots are taken later in the evening


A classic boot camp scene for me is soldiers climbing a wall, with the officer standing next to it pushing the soldiers forward. I made a small, maybe too small, wall for this but I hope it fits the purpose.

For my next shot I used the wall again in the background and some Lego tires (unfortunately did not have that many but I hope you get the idea), and adding all the troopers in one pic using some practical effects with smoke to get some sense of movement in the picture.


Third photo is another classic war movie scene with soldiers crawling under barbed wire.


For my next shot I wanted to do something else, and came up with the idea of the troopers taking a brake from training, meeting another squadron for a game of football (of some kind – “spaceball”?). I added the Black Series Shocktroopers as the opposing team in this shot, and tried to capture a random moment in the game between these two squads.


Last picture in this series is the squad and the officer marching out in the desert. I imagine this beeing a really long walk, to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the last part of training before they finally maybe get their pauldrons and are sent away, perhaps searching for droids…?


PS I deliberately did not include any pictures of the troopers doing target practice… ; )

I want to thank Exclu Collective for giving me this theme to work with. I often do a lot of Stormtrooper shots but here I tried to do something else with them, and seeing as it´s a series of shots that should be viewed in order gave me a challenge as it´s not something I usually do, but I had a lot of fun planning and setting these scenes up. These Sandtrooper figures from Hasbro are by far some of my favourite figures to shoot, and doing something else with them for some of these shots was very inspiring for me. Hope you enjoyed it!

What an incredible shoot! One massive thank you goes out to Thomas for really flexing those creative muscles in this shoot so be sure to check out more of his work on Instagram @tuskenmilkbar and as usual leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

Last modified: May 28, 2017

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