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We have expanded our review catalogue to include subscription boxes and fittingly Lizzy Repp has reviewed the the latest Funko Pop Star Wars Smugglers Bounty Sub Box and this editions theme is – you guessed it – Star Wars 40th Anniversary. The review contains full spoilers so if you don’t want to know then don’t click!

Funko Pop Star Wars Subscription Box Review
by Lizzy Repp


Smuggler’s Bounty is a bi-monthly subscription box for Funko’s Star Wars products. There is a different theme every month that the contents of the box are based on. Each product is exclusive to the box, which gives it extra value. In this review, I’ll be going over Funko’s Smuggler’s Bounty box for May 2017, which is based on the 40th anniversary of “A New Hope”.


Price Point

Each box is $25 not including shipping. In this box, the Luke with land speeder would cost a good $20 on its own. The salt and pepper shakers not only look great, but they have a useful purpose as well. In my opinion the sweat bands were filler, but they also have a practical purpose. I believe that this is a perfect price point! Each box always contains at least one Funko vinyl figure (in some cases 2!!). Occasionally there will also be a t-shirt included (which is my favorite items to find inside). Funko does a great job with filling these boxes with valuable items.

Score: 10/10


Alright. First let’s talk about the pin and patch. Every box includes these, but the designs are based on the box’s theme. The patch has a great portrait of Luke in X-wing pilot garb and the name of the box. The pin is of the great Chewbacca. I was pleasantly surprised by the X-wing Luke patch and the Chewbacca was a must have!    ~ Price: $3 – 4 each


Next are the wrist bands. I will say this again, I see these as filler. This was a missed opportunity to include an amazing 40th anniversary t-shirt. Although I feel this way, this box was already so filled with highly valuable items that adding a shirt may have required a price raise on the box itself. In saying that, these bands are good quality and would work great while also showing off your love of Star Wars during your 5k!! I guess I better start running!!  ~Price: $3


The Han and Greedo Salt and Pepper shakers… They. Are. So. Cool. Such a neat idea and who better to add to this box than Han and Greedo! Now when you’ve got guests over for dinner, they can add some great flavor and appreciate your great taste in kitchen accessories!!  ~Price: $15


Finally, we must talk about the Luke with land speeder POP!. This was what I was waiting for! When I think about “A New Hope”, quite a few things come to mind and this speeder is one of them. It is a beautifully detailed iteration of this classic speeder. Funko did a great job of adding details to make it weathered and Luke looks great in it (and yes, he is a bobblehead)! So, anyone who is a fan of the original Star Wars would love this unique iteration of that iconic speeder that started it all.  ~Price: $20


Score: 9/10


40th Anniversary of Star Wars. That means this box is revolved around the great classic that started it all – A New Hope (or as many people remember it as “Star Wars”). This is the perfect theme for this month considering that the anniversary is on May 25. We are given many characters from the movie including; Luke, Chewie, Han, and Greedo. As I said before, the speeder was a great addition to my collection of Pop!s and a great tribute to the movie. Another reason that the bands were filler is that they just say Star Wars. No “40th anniversary”, no 40th symbol, no character…. Just Star Wars. They should have added something with Leia, as she is an essential character. Oh well… All in all, the contents work with the theme and are made for any fan of the movie.



At the end of the day, this is a magnificent box! With a wonderful theme, excellent content, neat surprises, I am glad that I received this one. Though it could have included Leia and/or a t-shirt. The bands were filler that may or may not be useful. The shakers were a neat addition that is a different kind of product which I didn’t expect. In the end, even though it had its downside, this box is one of the best and my personal favorite!

Outcome: The Force is strong with this box!!!

Total Score: 28/30

One massive thank you to Lizzy for being the first reviewer in our Sub Box category and for compiling such a thorough and entertaining review alongside some impressive glamour-style shots. Be sure to head over to Lizzy’s Instagram page @force_of_light for more Star Wars content. 

Do you agree with the review? Let us know in the comments below!

Last modified: May 25, 2017

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