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We continue with SW40th week via an exclusive new shoot from Zachary Nope who shows off his developing photography skills within the community and does a really great job of highlighting some of the latest figures to come out of the Black Series 40th wave.

An exclusive SW40TH themed shoot
by Zach Nope.

Before everything started, my love for Star Wars began when I was 5 years old. My friend told me about a world of the future and war, but for a kid my age I would have said, “I’m not interested”. Instead of turning it down, I was excited about it, I wanted to learn more. So, it wasn’t long until my friend and I went to see “Revenge of the Sith” at his house. Then shortly after, I begged my mother for the action figures.


It has been 9 years since I’ve found my love for Star Wars and just found out about toy photography. Before I had started my account, I would watch what people would post and was really interested with the art. So, I decided to get some of my old Star Wars figures, my iPhone 6, and some fire crackers. Then I made a different account to see what people would think if I started an actual photography account. It turned out people loved the pictures I posted, so I created Troopers_war.

When I started doing toy photography I used my iPhone 6 and some old Star Wars 3.75 figures. All I did was just used the Video from the Camera Roll to get a 16:9 shot, and if I had an explosion in a shot I just used the Slo-Motion camera setting on the iPhone. One day I just got bored with the 3.75 figures so I begged my parents to get me some new Star Wars figures for Christmas. They got me some Scarif Troopers which were amazing, and after all our Christmas traditions were over I went to go get some pictures with my new figures. I wanted more figures to add to the small collection that I had. Now I collect my figures, and I have my own collection of toys.


For what I do now, I still use my iPhone 6 from time to time and a water camera I found in my house. All the apps I use for editing the lighting in the picture is the light setting on the iPhone camera roll. For Blaster and Light Saber effects I use LensFX and Laser Sword FX. For making thing fly or blown out of the air I use Photo Eraser. When using my water camera, I use the WiFi setting to where I can just transfer it through WiFi instead of using a computer which saves a lot of time.


After a couple of months of doing Toy Photography it became an everyday hobby for me. Now whenever someone asks me to go to the store, I go because I never know when I’ll be lucky to find another figure. I plan on expanding my collection to not just Star Wars or Marvel, but also want to do Halo, Lego, and Mega Bloks. I love how the Toy Community has so many nice people, and after a couple month of doing Toy Photography, I made a lot of friends who continue to support me as I continue to support them. I just love doing this simple little hobby that just became a big part of my life.

Its great to see another photographer developing their photography skills within our weekly themes so a big thank you to Zach for taking the time to compile this exclusive shoot. Be sure to head over to Zach’s Instagram portfolio @troopers_War for much more Star Wars content.

Last modified: May 24, 2017

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