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Another photographer who has turned his lens towards the Imperial ground forces is @ninjaco28 who has really pushed the boat out to capture several Black Series troopers in their element in our latest exclusive photoshoot for SW40th Week.


Instagram is where I post all of my toy photography, mostly Star Wars The Black Series.  Black Series is really great, I think, because they are so well articulated, have great molds (Most of the time), and are un-expensive enough to grow a collection pretty fast.   For this shoot I decided to focus on my two areas of expertise, action and explosions


For the shot above, I was trying to think of a Stormtrooper sliding down a hill just as an X-Wing bombing run hit.  While it ended up being a tad different from the original concept, it still produced a shot I’m happy with.  The explosions produced a nice effect, and I think the posing is done well.  If there were one thing I would change, I would try and fix his left hand’s positioning.


This next one has a different theme in that its not as fast paced.  I tried to make it feel like it was all quiet on the battlefront, but action was imminent.  Sort of like the quiet before the storm hits.  The flowers in the background combined with the sunlight make a very peaceful shot, but once you add the posing of the figure and the contrast, it instantly makes it more suspenseful.


This shot uses a Black Series 6in. Hover Tank Pilot figure that was supposed to be scanning the roads for any rebel IEDs.  He found one!

The explosion turned out well, and setting my camera to action mode and planting a firecracker underneath the dirt created the effect.  Then I set my Nikon D3300 to continuous photo taking mode to ensure I got a shot that I liked.  I lit the firecracker off and it sent dirt flying everywhere.

This shot is probably (definitely) my favorite of the shoot.  The Shoretrooper Squad Leader is one of my favorite figures.  I think the explosion worked VERY well in this one.  I also tried something relatively new to me, and that’s shooting in portrait mode.  Landscape is my go-to but I wanted to experiment, and I’m very pleased with the result.


The Kylo and Rey duel was actually my first photo I’ve ever taken indoors.  It is very FX heavy, and I’m very proud of it.  The background is handmade from paper and pretty much everything else aside from the figures is all edited in Photoshop CS5.  For my first indoor shot, I think I did pretty well!

I’m excited to say that every photo in this shoot was taken in my backyard!  I’m only fourteen, so it’s sometimes hard to get out to new locations.  But I’m trying to show others who can’t explore very much that great locations are everywhere, in fact great locations are made by great photographers!

A huge thank you goes to @ninjaco28 for taking the time to focus on the foot soldiers of the Empire throughout this exclusive shoot. Be sure to head over to his Instagram portfolio to check out all his shoots and leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!





Last modified: May 24, 2017

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