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The first web feature of the week comes from @sol_trooper who is a developing photographer within our community and so he has shared with us his creative practise and his passion for Star Wars in an exclusive photoshoot.

An Exclusive Photoshoot celebrating 40 years of Star Wars
by @sol_trooper

Usually when I take my photos, I take them in my own yard. I live in a close neighbourhood so my neighbours let me go into their yards to take photos as well. I try to stay in a close proximity of my house because I am not old enough to drive yet, and I recently had surgery so I can’t ride a bicycle yet, but I have big plans for this summer. 

I first got into Star Wars whenever the Clone Wars was on television. I would collect the 3.75 action figures and play with them, but once the series ended, I got out of Star Wars. It was not until The Force Awakens came out that I started collecting again. I got inspiration to start this account and toy photography from many accounts including, @Swittpics, @workmoreorless, @blksrs, @starwarstheblackseries, @eye_of_the_survivor, and many others. Many of these accounts have helped me improve my account over the months.


The photo up above was taken on a Sony camera. I plan on upgrading to a Nikon d3400 but I need to save up first. When I first edit photos, I do simple editing on my computer then transfer the photo over to my phone. Then, the editing apps I like to use is Googles Snapseed, Adobes Lightroom for iPhone, PhotoDirector, and LensFX for lens flares. 


Here is the behind the scenes of the earlier photo. In this picture, I tried to make the shadow scout trooper look like he was a lone survivor and trying to survive on his own. To give him the look he has, I used the black series six inch Shadow Squadron Scout Trooper and the black series 6 inch Kylo Ren scarf. I thought that look would fit the feature best for this photo. 


When I take my photos, I go through a few steps to get the perfect the shot. First, I think of what type of photo I want to take, which figures will be in it, and what the scenery will be like. Second, I go grab the figures and look for the right area to take the photo. When setting up the scene you have to have patience with setting up the figures. Even though it can take a lot of time, the outcome of the photo is worth. The third step is editing, depending on which figures are in the shot, I change the lighting. For example, if I am doing a shot about the Empire, I try to make the lighting more dark. If the photo is too dark though, I will light it up. The final step I do is writing a story. I usually try to come up with my stories before I take the photos. When I write my stories, I try to make them emotional with a story to the trooper(s) that is in the photo. 


I used to take photos on my phone, an iPhone 6s. Since I have upgraded though, I am more happy with my photos. I use a tripod with my camera to keep it off the ground. When I take a photo in water, the tripod is really useful because it helps keep the camera out of the water.


I also love to team up with my friends on my account. They can be a real inspiration for my photos and help me with hard decisions. Currently, right now, me and a few others are working on a new series that is coming out in a few days. The series is called “After Endor”. It is about a small squad called Sigma Squad after the destruction of the Second Death Star. These stories will be filled with action and sadness. 


The first photo that I ever took was the photo that got me into toy photography. The photo that I took was The Force Awakens First Order Flame Trooper. I took the photo at night with fire in the background. The reason I took it at night was so the fire would stand out in the background. 


A huge thank you to @sol_Trooper for taking the time to walk us through his process and to share his passion for this week theme. Be sure to head over to Instagram and check out his full portfolio and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Last modified: May 22, 2017

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