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The final feature of DC Week is a special community review of the Mezco One:12 Collective BVS Superman Review that see’s @instanyadave cover the review with @dimasmeta on hand for the photoshoot – Full coverage and image gallery of what is another impressive figure in the One:12 collection.

Review by @instanyadave
Shots by @dimasmeta



Perfect. As far as sculpt goes, this is definitely the best BvS Superman 1/12 figure on the market. We can see wrinkles in Superman’s face, which is definitely accurate with the movie. Mezco even sculpts Superman’s vein on his hand. When we talk about the suit, this is the figure’s main selling point. The cloth that serves as Superman’s suit has a great detailing, just like what we’d seen in the movie. It has some armor-y feelings to it. The color is also accurate and the S logo is specifically sculpted.

Score 10/10




This is when the figure goes wrong. Even if the sculpt looks perfect, the skin tone is too pale compared to Henry Cavill’s portrayal. What makes worse is his face doesn’t have a color gradation like what we’d expect from a premium 80$ figure The nice thing is Mezco bothered to give him 5’0clock shadows but that’s it.

Score 6/10


Price Point

Overall, it’s a premium figure worthy of 80$ action figure, albeit not special when being compared with other Mezco figures.


Store 7/10



Considering Superman has a cloth suit, he is bound not to have a great articulation. He can hardly perform his iconic flying pose (You can do it actually, but be very wary when doing it unless his costume will rip off). However, other that the articulation on the arm, he is very solid. His leg can go really far. He has thigh swivel. His boots can also rotate however you wish and he also has ankle pivots and good rotations. Nice.

Score 8/10

Overall  Design:


Everything is well done for this figure, Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of accessories aside from various hands, heads and a single Sewer Cap (?). Truth t be told, there aren’t a lot to praise from his accessories. However, his heat vision head has some special effects, that can glow (little) in the dark. Overall, there aren’t a lot to gain aside from his Heat Vision. And pale skin tone make this figure looks cheap. But compared to the other 1/12 scale like DC collectibles, Mattel, and Mafex, this figure still the best.

Score 7/10

Total score: 38/50

A huge thank you to the review dream team @instanyadave and @dimasmeta for teaming up to bring us the latest addition to our review catalogue. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the score and whether you agree or not in the comments below!

Last modified: May 21, 2017

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