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We have another amazing exclusive DC shoot and this time it comes from Arif Wicaksono who delivers us the real heavyweights of the DC universe in spectacular fashion including Superman, Flash and Batman to help us edge closer to the end of our weekly theme.

An exclusive DC Shoot
By Arif Wicaksono

Hi my name is Arif Wicaksono, I’m a geologist and soon to be a father. I like superheroes especially Batman and I started collecting Lego superheroes Batman in 2013 and I took a picture using my camera phone and uploaded it to my Instagram (@arifwgeo) but it was just a very simple toy photograph. In 2014, I met my friends (anas) in college and he’s also collecting toys but he’s collecting Bandai action figures and that the first time I was  really amazed to see a SHFiguarts Iron Man Mark 6 and War Machine Mark 1. We made a group in my college called @Geofiguarts for the geologist’s who like collecting.


My first action figure was a  SHFiguarts War Machine Mark 1 – I really love the details and articulation. My friend @ditonisyaf told me to join a toyphoto session in @toypops2 and I tried  posing my action figures like a movie scene and taking pictures using my iphone 5 with a laptop for the background and sunlight for lighting.


From the toy photo session, I met many friends on instagram with cool  toy photography and I learned from them how to take good toy photography. I tried using a simple lighting setup and diorama’s but was still using my phone camera because I didn’t know how to use DSLR.


In 2015 I joined “behind the scenes toy photography Indonesia (BTSTP_id) on Facebook. From the members of the group I learned how to set a DSLR to take a toy photo. First I tried a light painting technique because the technique is simple, using only a phone’s light and the result was very good. I started using a Fuji X-A2 with light painting technique and a little editing on my phone using  phone apps and many people in Instagram liked my toy photos. 

I only collect 1/12 scale toys, but many toy brands make a good toy. Sometimes my wife gets mad at me because my I have many toys but only a few of them that I play with and take a photo of so I realised I must focus on collecting. Firstly I saw a MezcoToyz one:12 collective Batman The Dark Knight and I’m falling in love but MezcoToyz are really hard to find because theres not so many in stock. I sold a few of my toys and started collecting MezcoToyz one:12 collective as I  really love the details. In my opinion MezcoToyz one:12 is the best 1/12 scale action figures.  Now I have Batman and Superman Dawn of Justice, The Flash, Green Arrow, and The Joker. I hope I can collect all the MezcoToyz one:12 collective .


In the DC theme I wanted to make a simple scene about Batman vs Superman, this is the different universe from the movies. The story begin with The Joker tryong to make Batman and Superman fight but Green Arrow knows how to stop each other from fighting so Green Arrow ask’s The Flash to stop them fighting as The Flash uses his ability to time travel using the speed force.


Finally, thank you so much Exclu Collective for giving me an opportunity to share my toy experience and Thank you so much to all the members of BTSTP_id and my friends at Geofiguarts.

Arif Wicaksono

Arif has really gone to town with this shoot so we say a huge thank you to him for taking the time to compile the shots. Be sure to head over to Arif’s Instagram page @arifwgeo for more amazing content and let us know your favourite shot in the comments below!

Last modified: May 21, 2017

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