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Michael Dicks returns for DC week to show off his latest exclusive series that combines popular movie posters with a really creative Batman twist with spectacular fashion including “Bjango Unchained” , “Mad Batman” and more using a variety of figures.

By Michael Dicks

As Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life”.  I live my life by this philosophy.  Every artist is inspired by the world around him.  I love movies and I love toys.  But how do I get the two together?  The creative process for this is simple.  I would be watching a movie and I might say, “I wonder what Batman would do in this situation?”  I have fun creating situations with my toys.  Ever since I was a little boy, I have enjoyed using my imagination and putting my toys in the “movies”.  Not the typical movie in which they came, but a different movie.

I mix the old with the new.  I am able to take the adult in me and mix it with the kid in me! A whimsical, and fun side of me allows endless possibilities.  Between my imagination and artistic vision, I am able to expand my vision like a screen writer; watching his movie for the first time.  I am inspired by beautiful dialogue, the beauty of the landscape and the city that surrounds me.

At first I wanted to do some fancy looking black and white head shots of every Batman hot toys I had, but then I got the idea of trying to make a parody of Mad Max using Knightmare Batman. Then I decided on making a movie poster filled with awesome Bat puns.

Now the beginning of each poster I made I honestly came up with on the fly. Only the “Mad Bat” poster was thought of before the photo was taken. I used a light box and a low aperture on my macro lens to make sure his whole upper body was in focus. Each figure I took around 6 photos including headshots from different angles and a few full body shots so I had more to work with.


Mad bat I found a specific poster I wanted to parody and got to work in photoshop by mixing all the different shades of orange to make it look as grungy and sandy and dirty as possible. Besides that part, customizing the font to match the mad max font was pretty fun.


Bat Club


The second movie poster I made was the “Bat Club” poster which was a parody of fight club. I took a photo of Batman in a fight pose with the intentions of creating a boxing parody poster. I either wanted to do Southpaw or the Hurricane. I decided on fight club because it’s one of my favorite movies and I really liked the old film grainy look and how it would go great with the photo I took. Funny story is I originally called it “Fight Bat” even after creating custom soap for the poster. It wasn’t until I finished it where I got hit with “Bat Club” and had to redo all the text which was the toughest part of that poster.

Iron Bat


The third poster I made was “Iron Bat” I love Armored Batman I think it’s one of the coolest armors Bruce owns especially the suit that took on the man of steel! Who else is cool? Iron Man is cool and what would be better than mixing the two? The photo I used for this was a portrait that I took with my 100mm macro and the iron man poster I used was actually inspired by a cup I use in my bathtub I got from buying a slurpee during the release of the first ironman. I double checked the net and found out the image on the cup was actually used as a poster. So I blacked out the back of the image and used the colors of Armored Batman’s eyes and the grey of his armor for the color scheme of the text. This one was very simple and I really enjoyed how well this one came out.



The fourth poster I created was “Bjango Unchained” obviously a parody of Django. I wanted to create a poster that involved the whole body and not a portrait since each one before this one were portraits. I mean I took full body photos I might as well use them right? At first I wanted to do all three Batfleck Batman and do a parody of “The good, the bad, and the ugly” but all the posters I saw didn’t click with me. They weren’t challenging. As I was looking around I saw Django. The perfect blend of black and white with blood splatters. I thought it was a beautiful combination. Customizing the text and the blood splatters was my favorite part of this one! Even adding a little red for Jokers lips was really fun.




The last poster I created is a parody of the Batman Vs Superman posters. I really liked these posters and wanted to do it using the Batman i grew up with Michael Keaton. At first I wanted to create a Christmas related one but I felt this would be perfect. The toughest part of this one was creating the plaster background for Batman since I couldn’t find something similar. I ended up using a photo of my curtains that I edited to look like a sticky poster in a big city. I also ended up using a close up of the full body photo of Batman because all the portraits I took were at an angle and I didn’t like how it looked when it was finished. So I went with that instead and it came out really good!

Overall this is probably some of the most fun I’ve had creating art. I always try my best and go out of my way to be unique. I want my photos to be something you see and not forget. Something that leaves an impression on your mind. Thank you again Exclu Collective for the amazing opportunity and I hope you all enjoy everything D.C. Week has to offer!

Another incredible series from Michael who previously featured with us back in Black Series week so be sure to leave a comment letting us know which is your favourite poster and head over to Michaels Instagram portfolio @novawhere for more amazing content just like this.

Last modified: May 20, 2017

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