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Mo Yassin bowled us over with his Behind the scenes work on his “Death of Wolverine” series and he is right back at it again this week as he shows us how he created the moment where Harley and The Joker truly became enamoured with each-other as depicted most recently in Suicide Squad.

Behind the scenes with Mo Yassin

I would like to thank the exclu-collective team for having me again on a weekly theme . My name is Mohamed Yassin or “Mo Yassin” if it’s easier to you , i was featured before in Marvel legends week and I did a BTS of a wolverine shot and I am here to do another BTS for all you fine folks in DC week. I tend to deviate to BTS as I find it the best of all worlds , we get to share new info. And techniques that we can all learn to improve our photos and we get a nice looking picture as well in the end.

However , while my last BTS focused on camera angles , metallic effects , digital touch ups and how to tell a story without speech bubbles , this BTS will focus on building an environment with ease for your shots without dwelling for days on dioramas or buying sets and it has some effects that I hope prove useful.

So without further delay let’s get to it .

Introduction :

Like most my pictures I like to begin my work with an inspiration. I was working on a theme word “ MERCY “ and I had a scene in mind which was the acid bath scene in suicide squad where joker jumps after Harley.


I also wanted to challenge myself and made this a one day challenge where I could only finish all the components in a day and all of it would be practical. It is always nice to challenge yourself and expose yourself to new techniques to push yourself to learn new things.

Scavenging :

I started a scavenger hunt in my apartment to find potential things to use for my shot , I knew I was looking for industrial looking things to fit the ace chemical factory I was going for. Eventually I came with the following components lying around.


Now some of these don’t make it to the final shot but I want to take you with me step by step on how my personal process was . ( this was an organic shot process ).


I started to work on the pipes I had ( they will act as background elements , but we’ll get to that later ) . first I spray painted all of them silver for a metallic look.

Then I used acrylic paint to add rust and chemical leftovers and you don’t need to be Picasso to do this just dip a brush or towel or even your finger and start placing those colours. The more messy the more believable .
Selling Depth in an environment :

OK , so here’s the tricky part , when using a backdrop or a digirama ( computer or digital screen as a backdrop ) the picture can come out very flat and the viewer will instantly tell that this is a backdrop , it makes the shot feel sloppy .

The reason why is… depth . your see the character and a background you don’t feel you’re part of the environment . however , you can trick the eye by creating fake depth and you do that by creating props that seem to belong to the backdrop and place it in various positions such as in-front of the subjects and next to them to sell the illusion of depth.

Also colour and light matching is important , I used a green ambient light source to match the digirama colour scheme.


Water and fog :
Now comes the finishing effects . the water I had in the bowl was clear this was suppose to be a chemical tank , so clear water was not right .

I used water colors here because it wouldn’t adhere to the figures “ one wash and any left over colors would wash away “. Just water down the color and dip your brush.


I added yellow first to make the water murky and chemical like.


Then came the blue and red ink, just dipped my brush in the watered colours and started dipping in the yellow water to get the effect.


Finally I used cotton to replicate some steam coming out of the bath for the final touch.


The output :

Aaaand there you have it.. one acid bath for MR.J and Harley.


Hope you enjoyed the final picture and found some useful info in the article ( would love to see your feed back ). And I would like to thank the exclu-collective team again for the opportunity to share this and would like to thank all of you for your support on the last BTS . Hoping this finds similar love.

Yet another incredible behind the scenes look from Mo so a huge thank you for putting this all together! To catch Mo’s previous Marvel Legends you can do so right here and to check out his Instagram portfolio –  @mo_yassin.

Last modified: May 19, 2017

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