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Continuing DC Week is @sourcloud.photography who brings us a behind the scenes look at his exclusive shoot alongside some of his top tips for how to pull off practical effects whilst retaining a grounded look featuring Batman and The Red Hood.

We go out on shoot with @sourcloud.photography

When I go out and shoot, I always bike every where (unless my dad is willing to drive me) I always bring my backpack full of gear, such as my BAAM drain blaster (that’s how I make my explosions, it’s a compressed air pump) my camera, stands, flexible tripod, remote shutter and obviously my figures! I when I’m on my bike I usually just look around me and when I see a good spot to shoot I stop and get some pics! My pictures are usually either the middle of a battle a one on one fight and just patrols. I’m usually using black series but since its D.C week I grabbed my Batman and went shooting!

DSC_0090 (1)

While I’m on scene I will take multiple pictures to get that perfect shot. For my practical effect shots I’ll get my BAAM drain blaster out and set my shutter speed really fast and take a burst of pictures, then I check to see if I get that perfect shot.

         I have three steps for my effects

For my practical effects I have four simple steps

  1. Set up figures and pile of dirt or fuses
  2. Set camera too speed setting and pump up drain blaster
  3. Hold camera button and shoot the compressed air or light the fuses
  4. Photoshop drain blaster out of image (and I always listen to led zepplin during the process)


And then I post! I almost always stick with practical effects but on the occasion of there being a lightsaber, laser or bullet I edit those in with the nifty apps called eyecandy fx and lasersword fx.

DSC_1011DSC_0099 (1)

I have certain scenery for certain figures, for example I like my D.C. figures in darker places, so dirt and rocks work great for them! With my star wars figures I like grassy or sandy areas. A tip I have for you newer photographers is to get down and dirty! (but keep your camera out of the dirt) get as low as you can! Lay down if you have to, give the figure the high ground! Zoom in on your figure, I like to get pics from the waist up! I will usually have my shutter speed at 1/4000 it gets a nice dark picture.

Now for your figures… don’t be afraid to get them dirty! Throw some mud on your figs purposely! If you want to make some shiny new figure look like he’s been through battle? Well then grab a paintbrush and some paint! And here’s the steps for weathering your figs,

DSC_0092 (1)

  1. Dab your brush in the paint
  2. Now wipe almost all the paint off the brush! Swipe it along your plate or paper towel until there’s barely any paint on the brush
  3. Then brush your fig!


Now for getting those awesome shots, go climb a rock or a tree or get on the roof of a building and have your figure relaxing after a hard day of work or clinging on for dear life! It’s your imagination so you choose what you do! That’s why I love photography you can go to another galaxy a different universe or back in time! You get to choose your figures fate! Because you are a toy photographer. Go wild my friends, go wild.

A huge thank you to @sourcloud.photography for taking the time the take us out on shoot with him in this exclusive series for DC Week. Be sure to head over to his Instagram portfolio for more content and leave a comment below as ever to let us know your thoughts!

Last modified: May 18, 2017

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