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We have another entry into our special themed shoot series and this time its the turn of Richee over at @noserain who really excels himself with an incredible shoot titled “The Survivor”. Richee touches on characters across licences from Star Wars to DC and has created an amazing journey that links this creative process with the notion of a survivor.

Survivor. Now that is a loaded word. According to, it means:

a person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died.

Yikes, sounds serious. Well, the word does come with serious themes. But the definition isn’t entirely that, is it? I mean, there’s more to the word, right? Technically, we survive every day. By that I mean we exist. Each day we try to survive so we can exist. That leads into “why exist?” doesn’t it. I won’t go down that rabbit hole, so we’ll move along. Depending on where you look, survival appears in different forms­–its meaning changes at different times and looks different depending on the individual. To me, a survivor endures and moves forward with a key insight on how they will live based on the hand they’re dealt.

There are many characters in comic books, movies, shows and the sort that have survived some event or another and as a result, shaped who they became. I’ve chosen five characters to feature today, so let’s get going. By the way, thank you for checking out this article and I hope you enjoy!

The Flash

I’ve always had a thing for speed since I was young, so naturally, The Flash was a fav, but only second to Batman of course! I chose Flash (Barry Allen) because he was a survivor of not only a freak accident, but also the murder of his mother when he was a young lad. From an early age, Barry wanted justice, and it shaped who he would inevitably become later down the road. His powers only made him more of who he already was.


For this photo, I decided to use a figurine of The Flash by Schleich. Because it isn’t articulated, it was a lot easier to manage for the shot. The base definitely helped with balancing the figure. To give off the sense that he is still moving while everything else is frozen in time, I used a high shutter speed to capture the water in midair and added a motion blur.

Alright, so remember when I sort of talked about Batman earlier? Well lucky for you, he is next on our list. I only say lucky because I assume everyone likes Batman.

Bruce Wayne


Bruce experienced tragedy at a young age like Barry did, except both Bruce’s parents were murdered. And because he survived, his life took a turn in the dark. He swore vengeance on crime that night, and it shaped his entire being. He became an obsessed, unrelenting, and intelligent man who channeled tragedy to save his city and the world. The image I wanted to capture was of young Bruce standing in an empty, impressionable space with his shadow forming what he would one day become. I used the Diamond Select Bruce Wayne figure from the show Gotham and the BTAS Batman figure by DC Collectibles.

Boba Fett

Our next guest is a familiar bounty hunter we all know and love–Boba Fett. How did he survive the Sarlacc pit? I can’t tell you that, but according to the interwebs, apparently he did.


Not sure if he crawled out of that thing, or made some tunnels under there, but if he actually did survive, why did he not seek revenge? Perhaps the Sarlacc experience changed his way of life, or what I think is more likely, maybe he realized lightsabers are overpowered and haven’t been kind to his family.

Sasuke Uchiha

Speaking of family, what would you do if your entire clan was erased by your brother? Well, that’s what happened to Sasuke Uchiha, the sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan.


As a young boy, Sasuke looked up to his brother and wanted to be just like him. Unfortunately, Sasuke would end up hating him and seeking revenge for murdering his entire clan, including his mother and father. Later in the story, we find out that Itachi, Sasuke’s brother, spared Sasuke’s life because he loved him more than anything in the world. Of course, Sasuke didn’t know this and sought power by any means to kill his brother. The photo here is a mash-up clearly. I used the Tamashii Nations Samurai Taisho Darth Vader and the S.H. Figuarts Sasuke to create the image above. I wanted to symbolize Sasuke as a wandering ronin.


We are at the final photo, so if you stuck around this long, kudos to you. I recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and it made me want to add a Guardian in with the mix.


While reading up on Groot, I learned he is the last of his kind. It wasn’t the reason I chose him initially, but I’ll take it! I chose Groot because he barely survived in the first movie after he sacrificed himself to save the other members. Lucky for him, he can regenerate, although it takes some time. In the image, I wanted to portray Groot’s loving nature for uh..nature. I had a raccoon figure from Safari Ltd. and thought it would make for a perfect little scene. I found a berry on the ground which was a nice touch. The Groot figure is from the Marvel Legends line by Hasbro.

A huge thank you to Richee for compiling such a detailed shoot that really explores the notion of what it is to be a survivor. Be sure to head over to Richee’s page on Instagram @noserain to see his full photographic portfolio and be sure to leave your comments below!

Last modified: May 17, 2017

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