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The Week continues in spectacular fashion as we bring an incredible exclusive themed shoot by Kris Snels (@toy_kriz) who bases his efforts around the word “Pride” with amazing results as he brings the female superheroes into the spotlight.

An Exclusive Shoot by Kris Snells

My name is Kris, Toy_Kriz on Instagram, I am 32 years old and I currently live in a small town in Germany. However, my origin story started in Belgium. I have been an action figure collector since I was 14 years old. I collected 3 3⁄4 inch Star Wars action figures, but just before I moved to Germany I sold everything, but I always regretted it. Two years ago my love for collecting reawakened with Star Wars: the Force Awakens. By that time I didn’t only love Star Wars, but superheroes as well. I focus on 6” and 7” action figures from Star Wars, Marvel and DC.

After discovering a whole toy photography community on Instagram I also wanted to give it a try, I have bought a used Canon EOS 1000D for a few euros at the start of this year. Before I spend big money on a new DSLR, I want to learn the tricks of the trade with this entry level DSLR. I am still trying to find my style by experimenting with different setups.

The theme given to me was “Pride”. In this series of images I want to bring the superhero women in the spotlight, and focus on the positive side of pride.




The inspiration for the first photo is that of a promo shoot of actress Yvonne Craig who played Batgirl in the 1960 Batman TV Show. At that time it was not a common thing for a woman to have a strong character on television. Batman would often say: “crime fighting is for men”, but she could handle it well. I think this pose has the word “Pride” all over it.

The figure used is the DC Collectibles Icons Batgirl of Burnside Deluxe figure, as this figure has a lot of articulation, and has a classic feeling to it with the purple costume.


Wonder Woman


I based this image off a movie poster for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie using the MAFEX BvS Wonder Woman Figure, as I think that poster is showing a proud Wonder Woman.
The inspiration for the tin foil technique came from another toy photographer Mohamed Yassin (Insta @mo_yassin). I finally found a use for it.

The first idea of this picture was a silhouette of Wonder Woman raising her arms also in a sunset setting, but I like this one more. While creating this picture I have learned an important lesson: keep the setup until you are 100% satisfied.


Bombshell Harley Quinn and Batwoman


I was looking for inspiration on Google and I typed in “Pride”, and what I immediately noticed is that the word pride is heavily associated with the gay community. I was thinking about shooting something about that theme. But I was looking for a pose, a scene from the movie ‘Watchmen’ came to mind. There, you see a reimagining of the famous kiss on NY Times Square from 1945 with 2 women.
As I recently bought 2 of the DC Collectibles Designer Series DC Bombshell figures, my choice of figures was made, as Kate Kane’s Batwoman is actually gay, and the figures are pinup style. In the end I did go for an alternate pose and my original vision for this picture was totally different, but I really like the result. It’s interesting how a new idea or background can dramatically change an image look and feeling. This is my favourite image I shot for this theme.


Kamala Kahn’s Ms. Marvel!


The image is based on artwork that I saw some time ago. I searched for it again, because I associated the image with pride. In this image Kamala Kahn is showing Pride for a nation. Marvel did a good job at inventing new superheroes for everyone, Kamala Kahn’s Ms. Marvel was sure one of them. Although Marvel tried to be politically correct a little too much after that, they made a good start with Kamala. With this picture I want to show pride for a nation, regardless of skin colour or religion.

I think that is what Kamala Kahn’s Ms. Marvel stands for.


Marvel’s Spider Ladies


For the 5th and last picture, I had some trouble. I really wanted to do something with Star Wars figures. And I tried some setups, but I was not satisfied. But then after a quick chat with @toy-spectre, I wanted to give a photoshopped background another try. The first idea was proud Spider-Verse ladies who defeated the Hulk, it had a skyline of New York in the background, but I was not happy with the result. And it did not really stand out. As I scrapped the Wonder Woman silhouette picture before, I thought ‘let’s try that again’ with these figures.

All the Spider-Verse Ladies standing very proudly but one lady, (Ashley Barton’s Spider-Woman) is looking away with pride. So I did use a negative side of pride, but combined it with a lot of positive pride. The figures used in this setup are the following Marvel Legends figures from left to right: Ashley Barton’s Spider-Woman, Anya Corazon’s Spider-Girl, Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Gwen, Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman, Cindy Moon’s Silk, May Mayday Parker’s Spider-Girl and Jessica Drew’s Spider Woman from Earth-1610.

I want to thank The Exclu collective for giving me this opportunity, it proves how awesome this community is, for also giving amateurs like me an opportunity to show their pictures. I also want to thank all the great toy photographers out there, you guys inspire me to become better and better. I learn every day, and I would appreciate some feedback.

What an incredible job by Kris Snels! A huge thank you goes to Kris for taking the time to compile a shoot of such quality so be sure to head over to his Instagram portfolio @toy_kriz and leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



Last modified: May 17, 2017

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  1. Some very nice shots here Kris! Love the Ms. Marvel and Harley/Batwoman concept!

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