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We check back in with Patrick Pchalek as he brings us a closer look at the Marvel Villain Ultron and his attempts to corrupt and align with Scarlett Witch as seen in the MCU in the form on an exclusive character-based shoot exploring the duo’s evolved relationship.

An exclusive shoot for Villains Week
Patrick Pchalek @wonderbunk

Why do good characters change their point of view and turn from being a hero into being a villain? In most cases it`s the hunger for power or the loss of important persons. Villains are often selfish and they do whatever is needed to fulfill their interests. This behavior is fascinating and attractive.


We all have been into situations where we would like to be a villain and throw moral standards aboard. And then theres Ultron. Not your average and usual bad guy. Its no secret that to me he his one of the greatest villains we got within the last years. After seeing his dead comrades and the many suffer the humans do to each other, he sees only one possibility to end all that – the extinction of mankind.


But even a supervillain needs help when it comes to the ultimate destruction of human beings. His charisma and intelligence made it possible to recruit one of the most powerful weapons in an human body – ScarletWitch.  A deadly alliance was born and they looked forward to accomplish their goals. While Ultron wanted to destroy the known world, Wanda Maximoff had other plans – the death of Tony Stark.


Granted with extreme witchcraft and the power to manipulate the minds of her enemies, due to secret Hydra experiments, Scarlet started a devastating path to get her hands on Tony. Ultron had the perfect weapon for his purposes but his magical and beautiful weapon turned against him. His beliefs were fundamentally and they made him blind. This blindness and arrogance cost him his artificial life. His marionette killed her master.


She wasn’t blind. She had a heart and she took the heart from Ultron.  The world was saved. For now! So, if you want to be a villain keep that in mind. There`s always someone smarter than you around.  But whats much more important even if you`re in the mood to be a super villain: Hear the good ones around you speak and never refuse to change your opinion to the good.

Hear the voice of your beloved one, enjoy life and save the world. For you!

Another fantastic feature for Villains week as we get that extra glimpse into the motives and the thoughts behind one of Marvels best known villains. Be sure to check out Patricks previous Exclu Collective shoot right here and head over to his Instagram @wonderbunk to check out his full portfolio.

Last modified: May 6, 2017

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