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We linked back up with photographer Alex Wilson in order to showcase an exclusive shoot as part of our ongoing Villains week that highlights some of the nefarious characters that make up the ranks of the Star Wars universe from Revan right through to Ren.

An exclusive shoot by Alex Wilson

So it’s Villain’s Week and I am really excited the Exclu Collective will be sharing some themed work with all of you! So a huge thanks to the Exclu Collective for the opportunity!

Exclu Collective - Villains - The Awakening of Revan

Darth Revan is a rather interesting character in the Star Wars EU. He’s been a Jedi, he’s been a Sith, he’s made his rounds to say the least. This photograph was captured right in my back garden with a makeshift set for him which consisted of driftwood and rocks. I wanted to capture Revan with a mission ahead of him, or maybe just completed one. I used my e-cigarette to create a light smoke to create a more sinister atmosphere.

Exclu Collective - Villains - Move Out

Stormtroopers are villains in their own right.. Right? They mindlessly do the bidding of the Empire without question. So this was another long exposure photograph, which was about 30-35 seconds in total to capture. I wanted to create an image with a “before the battle” scenario. I wanted to capture a moody low lighting because well, war isn’t glamorous.

Exclu Collective - Villains - The Mandalorian

It’s everyone’s favourite Mandalorian. The bounty hunter who had a hand in turning Han Solo into a popsicle – Boba Fett! Definitely a Class A villain in The Empire Strikes Back! But Return of the Jedi?.. Not so much.

I was taking a walk with my camera gear and figures and wandered to a huge field not too far away from where I live. I thought it would be a perfect photo opportunity.
When photographing, I kept in mind that location of this character has to be just as important to the main subject in the photograph. It was such a windy day and keeping the figure was a frustrating chore, but in the end with a little persistence, he stayed in place.

I like to think this is quite possibly the calm before the storm as he ventures on what seems a rather desolate planet.

Exclu Design Collective -.Villains. - Mission Successful

Captain Phasma. The Villainess of Episode VII. This menacing lady is the faceless commander of the First Order. She is a fantastic villain to say the least, you can’t not photograph her.  This was taken with another makeshift set consisting of tree branches, rocks other flora I had lying around.

This was another long exposure photograph consisting of about a minute using different colours such a deep red, orange and a dim yellow to create a perfect fire blaze glow. I wanted to create some depth to the image so I spaced out my FO Stormtroopers away from the camera at different distances so the sharpness would differ. I also wanted to add some digital effects to give the image more excitement. Quite a tricky shot to get right, but very fun to say the least.

Exclu Design Collective - Villains - Conflicted

Ben Solo or Kylo Ren to his friends is a tortured soul.  He feels the pull of the light but he still can order the murder of a group full of innocent villagers, which earns the villain rank in my opinion. The photograph was quite the challenge to create. I wanted to create a more empty and solemn location for him.

Like the crystal in his lightsaber, he’s unstable and it tortures him. I wanted to create a rather large empty space with him in the centre with a very low light shining down on him to capture his frustration with the help of shadows. This was a rather long exposure in complete darkness of about 40 seconds.

Again! Another thank you to Exclu Collective for the opportunity, it was really fun and I hope you all enjoy Villains Week!

Another great shoot from Alex who continues to impress with his mentality of building a shot around a narrative which creates so many top grade shots. Be sure to see all of Alex’s work over on his Instagram @figmalix and leave a comment below to let us know your favourite image.

Last modified: May 6, 2017

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